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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Texas Dare! How Dare I say!

The Texas Dare! How about the Jekyl and Hyde show! Where did all my buddies go? I felt like the coyote in the cartoon with the sheep dog. Once the dog punches in for work its all business. Here is my favorite line of the race "Im not yelling at you, I'm just trying to tell you what you should do." Hmmm change in tone, raise in decibals some would call that yelling. "Can't you see Im trying to do a pace count Nick?" What the hell is a pace count? ET TU Will Will. Seems like just yesterday we were all sitting between two fruit orchards in CO. talking about this race and we agreed that it would be 75% fun and 25% competitive. Boy did that change! I told Will for the first 6 hours he couldn't be militant. I should have said the first 6 he could because boy was it pent up for the last 6 and 30 min. The man is good though he really digs this adventure racing stuff. And it makes him seems to make him happy. I myself am going to have to kick it down a notch so "BAM!" in reverse. I think I am built for short distances, 6 hours seems to be my limit for adventure type races. The serious vibes where strong the smiles didn't seem the same, almost sinister like almost like saying "I see you..Im gonna act like everything is all right by smiling but your a little to close for comfort." Except for Monty I think he has one of those gag shop laughing boxes stuck in his throat. That guy is always laughing and has a permagrin. Thats cool as shit I dig that. There are a few rules I try and live by. I work to live I dont live to go to work. And the same goes with my hobby. Too serious and it becomes just another job. But thats just me. To each their own. I learned quite a bit during my first real adventure race I tried to be a sponge and soak up everything. The only thing I still didn't learn was what did "OSR" stand for? Its driving me nuts. And who is getting that damn titanium watch? Anyway I don't know is this was much of a point and counterpoint. Or just two Point of Views. So untill next time I am stepping down off the soap box with my rants and raves. Thanks Kenny for the invite to comment.


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I'm comin to get ya, I'm comin to get ya, spittin out coordinates, homie I'll nav ya...

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