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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nice quick ride today.... It reminded me of the days back in Compton. I used to ride for the Compton Cycling Club. Boy was I fast, I used to be faster than a speeding bullet or bullets rather. Or maybe I was just really skinny back then. But serious folks let me tell you what really happened. It started out with just a couple pieces of sushi and a glass of water. Untill Kenny the SR-71 Blackbird shows up and then BAM! The stealthy son of a gun ordered wine and has half of the bottle in my glass. So as the night wears on I say "No more wine Kenny" and he says "Great! lets move on to beer". So we do and I drink. This is were the fuzzy night begins. So now I am on a mission to help his tag and release program. Needless to say he needs some help spotting the wild game. He had all ready missed a doe in her prime with some nice hind quarters mind you. So we venture on to our new location. And man did it kick some ass. Weihan took his shirt down and boy that man has some cannons... like a fucking battleship. So Wiehan the Warship Lin is born. And after that... (SCENE MISSING). So finally after being stuck in a time warp for a couple hours (it never seemed to move off 11:00pm) we left and craved some food big time. Deb to the rescue, thank goodness and boy those eggs were good! And those cats. Those cats sure had some fuzzy toes. I'll elaborate and fill in the blanks some more with the real story as my memory returns.


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