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Friday, February 10, 2006

Well I see your Bumpytio and I.....ok I'm bluffin I fold!!

I posted a quick blog just to put something up because I had to go to work. And plus I like to see what the SR-71 puts up so I can give another opinion from my view. But I agree with man this mountain bike race weekend was a blast. As I went to work I pondered on what I was going to write. But as I read the last article in one of my mountain bike magazines this guy hit my views right on the head. His name is David Alden and he wrote in the drop off section of mountain bike magazine. His title Finish lines, flat tires and fun. Kind of summed up our whole weekend. I may tweak the story just a bit to custom fit it to what happened when I went to work. But my works cited page is in the above mentioned.

It's a sure bet somewhere in the country there is a mountain bike race going on somewhere. Some are winning and some are not quite winning. I am in the latter group as of now.

I'd like to win, bit I'm okay with my results. I'm in pretty good shape , and I get to enjoy pushing myself past the point where I would like to go back to the van and take a nap.
I can see other racers around me who seem like they might feel the same way. But it seems like the rest of the world just doesn't get it.

It starts the morning back at work. "What did you do this weekend"? line of questioning dominates the first hour. " I had a race," I'll reply. Next immediate question. "Howd you do?"

Good, I had a good pre-ride the first day and got a flat on race day before the first lap ever finished. Confused my co-workers can't compute that this is in how some way good! But even if I had finished the race the next question would be how did you place? And I will say a number and of course they will say "out of how many and repeat the same number. It never gets old to them either.

I immediately want to describe the race conditions the dust the descents the climbs and so on and say even though I didn't finish I got one hell of a workout. What did yall do? Play armchair________ you can fill in the blank with what ever sport season it happens to be.

Some will admit that they stayed and watched TV all day on their new HDTV set. And make comments like "Man the clarity is so good you can see the actual individual blades of grass." You know what? I was riding right beside the real stuff and it looked really good too!

But in the end one guy will still want to know why. Why do you do it? Why do you travel so far for just to ride?

Because somewhere in there, I'm having fun. As long as I can come away from a race and say that I had fun, that's all I need.

Contrary to popular thought, racing doesn't have to always be about winnin and losing. It can be about being competitive, setting personal goals, challenging yourself, and having fun.

But darn, maybe just one win might be nice.

It was great to read that after such a kick ass weekend. I hope you too also enjoyed it.


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