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Monday, November 05, 1973


Kenny Farrow entered the adventure racing scene with a background in backpacking. He began training with HART in the spring of 2003 and started coaching for the team late 2005. Kenny has competed in over 100 races in various sports.

Nickname: K-SPoT, SR-71, Farrow-Khan
Location: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Consulting Structural Engineer
Specialties: Navigation, Road/Mountain Biking
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Personal Survival and Survival Suit/Survival Craft/Helicopter Egress
  • USOF Orienteering Level 1 Coach
  • Climbing and Fixed Ropes
  • Swimming
  • Paddling
  • 18 First Place finishes
  • 17 Second Place finishes
  • 17 Third Place finishes
  • 75 Top Five finishes
  • Ranked 14th in Nation, Final Standings 2007 USARA: HART/Hammer Nutrition
  • Ranked 3rd in Nation, Jan-Mar 2007 USARA: HART/Hammer Nutrition
  • Ranked 3rd in Nation, Final Standings 2006 USARA: HART/Hammer Nutrition
  • Ranked 1st in Nation, Feb-Mar 2006 USARA: Gander Mountain/HART
  • Ranked 20th in Nation, Final Standings 2005 USARA: HART/Dead Reckoning
  • Ranked Top 10 “Gorilla Team” in Southwest Region, 2005 ECOUSA: HART/Dead Reckoning
Adventure Races
  • 2014 Big Chill 12hr (Bastrop): 2nd, 3-coed (Caroline Lanier, Weihan Lin)
  • 2013 Spread Your Wings 36hr (Camp Eagle): 1st, 3-coed (Caroline Lanier, Haldre Rogers)
  • 2012 Bayou Sprint (Terry Hershey Park): 1st, 2-male (Austin Magruder)
  • 2012 Big Chill 18hr (Bastrop): 3rd, 4-coed/overall (Caroline Lanier, Frank Robinson, Lance Anderson)
  • 2011 Dave Boyd 12hr (Lake Houston): 1st, 3-coed/overall (Caroline Lanier, Lance Anderson), qualified for USARA Nationals
  • 2011 Eco Lonestar 12hr (Reveille Peak Ranch): 4th, 3-coed (Scottie Trevino, Kipley Fiebig), qualified for USARA Nationals
  • 2011 Big Chill 18hr (Bastrop): 5th, 4-coed (Caroline Lanier, Frank Robinson, Tommy Fuchs)
  • 2009 Dave Boyd Expedition (Lake Livingston): 2nd, 4-coed (Art Cook, Robyn Cantor, Tina Burgos), qualified for USARA Nationals
  • 2009 RunBikePaddle Sprint #2 (Lake Houston): 1st, solo/overall
  • 2009 Huntsville Hammer 12hr (Huntsville State Park): 5th, 3-coed (Jonathan Copland, Lisa Copland)
  • 2009 USARA Nationals (Pilot Point, TX): 25th, 3-coed (Scottie Trevino, Jonathan Copland)
  • 2009 No Sweat 24hr (Sunshine Camp at Turkey Bend): 3rd, 4-coed (Jonathan Copland, Lisa Copland, Tom Turnbull)
  • 2009 Texas State Championship Sprint Series (4th overall, 2-coed; Scottie Trevino):
    · Camp Longhorn (Sprint Nationals): 6th, qualified for USARA Natls
    · White Rock Lake: 3rd
    · Muleshoe Bend: 5th
    · Huntsville: 4th
    · Glen Rose: 4th
  • 2008 Dave Boyd 12hr (Double Lake): 3rd, 4-coed (Weihan Lin, Caroline Lanier, Frank Robertson)
  • 2008 No Sweat 12hr (Parrie Haynes Ranch): 1st, 4-coed (Raymund Codina, Lisa Washbourne, Kyle Hensley)
  • 2008 Primal Quest Montana Expedition (Big Sky, MT): 32nd, 4-coed (Tommy Fuchs, Wendy Welling, Phil Shrader)
  • 2008 Big Chill 24hr (Bastrop): 1st, 2-male (Tommy Fuchs)
  • 2007 Texas Dare 12hr (Lake Houston): 5th, 4-coed (Weihan Lin, Tracie Gardner, Frank Robertson)
  • 2007 USARA Nationals (Potosi, MO): 41st, 3-coed (Weihan Lin, Caroline Lanier)
  • 2007 AquaTerra Expedition (Austin): 3rd, 2-coed (Caroline Lanier)
  • 2007 RunBikePaddle Sprint #3 (Lake Livingston): 2nd, 2-male (Robert Baten)
  • 2007 Raid the North Extreme Expedition (Prince Rupert, CANADA): 17th, 4-coed (Paul Piorkowski, Jen Kwasnewski, Phil Shrader)
  • 2007 Spread Your Wings 18hr (Camp Eagle): 10th, 4-coed (Tracie Gardner, Mike Munoz, Jackie Bludworth)
  • 2007 RunBikePaddle Sprint #1 (Double Lake): 2nd, 2-male (Tom Turnbull)
  • 2007 Big Chill 12hr (Bastrop): 2nd, 4-coed (Rick Sanders, Weihan Lin, Nicki Adams)
  • 2006 Texas Dare 12hr (Lake Houston): 2nd, 3-coed (Weihan Lin, Jackie Bludworth), qualified for USARA Natls
  • 2006 USARA Nationals (Santa Barbara, CA): DNF (Lisa Waskom, Tom Turnbull)
  • 2006 No Sweat 24hr (Lake Travis): 10th, 4-coed (Rick Sanders, Jackie Bludworth, Allison Jones)
  • 2006 Lake Whitney Sprint: 1st, 2-male (Tom Turnbull)
  • 2006 Somer Breeze 12hr (Lake Somerville): 2nd, 4-coed (Lisa Waskom, Tom Turnbull, Will Williams)
  • 2006 Eco Lonestar 12hr (Muleshoe Bend): 3rd, 4-coed (Lisa Waskom, Tom Turnbull, Tom Willis), qualified for USARA Natls
  • 2006 Big Chill 12hr (Bastrop): 1st, 4-coed (Rick Sanders, Melissa Juliano, Tom Turnbull)
  • 2005 Texas Dare 12hr (Lake Bryan): 2nd, 4-coed (Lisa Waskom, Stan Curtis, Jason Maloney)
  • 2005 Terra Firma 12hr (Rocky Hill Ranch): 2nd, 4-coed (Andrew Royle, Tara Kelly, Mike Messer), qualified for USARA Natls
  • 2005 Race to the Atchafalaya Series:
    · Lake Charles, LA: 1st, 3-coed (Tara Kelly, Mike Messer)
  • 2005 Texas State Championship Sprint Series (2nd overall, 2-male; Mike Messer, Stan Curtis):
    · Jack Brooks: 5th
    · Camp Carter YMCA: 3rd
    · Muleshoe Bend: 2nd
    · Houston Urban: 5th
  • 2005 Somer Breeze 24hr (Lake Somerville): 3rd, 4-coed (Andrew Royle, Tara Kelly, Mike Messer)
  • 2005 Lake Georgetown Sprint: 1st, 2-male (Andrew Royle)
  • 2005 Big Chill 24hr (Bastrop): 9th ,4-coed (Chris Halle, Jaunda Payne, Iris Rodriguez)
  • 2005 Fort Parker Gecko 12hr: 3rd, 4-coed (Andrew Royle, Tara Kelly, Mike Messer)
  • 2004 USARA Sprint Nationals (New Orleans, LA): 12th , 3-coed (Ross Willis, Andrea Snider)
  • 2004 Quest Urban 12hr (Houston): 4th , 3-coed (Chris Halle, Tina Burgos)
  • 2004 Texas State Championship Sprint Series (5th overall, 2-coed; Tina Burgos, Tom Turnbull):
    · Johnson's Branch: 5th
  • 2004 Eco-Lonestar 12hr (Reimer's Ranch): 6th , 4-coed (Jill Amaon, Stan Curtis, Luis Villasor)
  • 2004 Colorado Adventure Sprint (Cedar Hill SP): 4th , 3-coed (Debbie Richardson, Ross Wills)
  • 2003 Colorado Bend 12hr (Colorado Bend SP): 2nd , 3-coed (Debbie Richardson, Jason Maloney)
  • 2003 TerraFirma 12hr (Rocky Hill Ranch): 6th , 4-coed (Debbie Richardson, Chris Halle, Krista Lewis)
  • 2011 Texas Stampede (Clement Boy Scout Ranch): 3rd overall
  • 2009 Team Texas Score O (WG Jones State Forest): 1st, Advanced
  • 2007 Lone Star Rogaine Championships 24hr (Pedernales Falls SP): 2nd coed/4th overall (Tara Kelly)
  • 2007 Stubblefield 2-Day O (Stubblefield): 4th, Red Course
  • 2007 Talm-O Rogaine (Stubblefield): 1st male (Weihan Lin)
  • 2006 Team Texas Prologue+Chase Sprint O (Challenger 7 Park): 3rd, Advanced
  • 2006 NavChallenge Expert (Huntsville Park): 1st coed/overall (Tara Kelly)
  • 2005 Talmo Rogaine (Memorial Park): 1st male/overall (David Elwood)
  • 2005 National O Day Meet (Challenger 7 Park): 1st, Advanced
  • 2005 NavChallenge Expert (Pace Bend Park): 2nd coed/overall (Iris Rodriguez)
  • 2005 Team Texas Score O (WG Jones State Forest): 1st, Intermediate
  • 2004 Talmo Rogaine (Memorial Park): 1st male/overall (Chris Halle)
  • 2013 Ironman Florida (Panama City Beach, FL): 11hrs 45mins
  • 2013 HITS Half Iron Distance (Marble Falls): 6hrs 20mins
  • 2011 Ironman Texas (Woodlands): 12hrs 50mins
  • 2010 Kona Eastside Super Sprint (Baytown): 11th 
  • 2009 Combat Triathlon (Texas City): 4th
  • 2009 XTERRA Dirty (Canyon Lake): 8th
  • 2007 Citizens Healthplex Triathlon (Victoria): 1st
  • 2005 Martindale Triathlon: 3rd , 3-person relay
  • 2005 Webster Bicycle Duathlon Series (La Marque):
    · #1: 3rd
    · #2 (Texas State Championship): 5th
    · #3: 1st
  • 2004 Webster Bicycle Duathlon Series (La Marque):
    · #1: 3rd
    · #2: 5th
    · #3: 5th
  • 2003 Webster Bicycle Duathlon Series (La Marque):
    · #3: 2nd
Mountain Bike Races
  • 2011 Reveille Peak 100 (Reveille Peak Ranch): 7th
  • 2011 Leadville Trail 100 (Leadville, CO): Silver Buckle
  • 2006 TMBRA Texas Spring Cup Series (Sport):
    · Outback Blowout (Waco): 9th
    · Big Ring Challenge (Double Lake): 8th
    · X-Bar Shootout (Eldorado): 8th
  • 2005 Terra Firma 24hrs of Rocky Hill: 2nd 4-person
  • 2004 TMBRA Texas Fall Cup Series (4th overall Beginner, qualified for NORBA Nationals):
    · Kelly Creek Classic: 8th
    · Huntsville Classic: 6th
    · Houston Big Ring Challenge (Double Lake): 5th
    · Piney Hills Classic (Ruston, LA): 4th
Road Bike Races
  • 2006 Memorial Park Criterium, Week 5 (Houston): Top 20
  • 2006 Coldspring Road Race: 10th
  • 2006 Rider Ready TT (Houston): 3rd
  • 2005 Memorial Park Criterium, Week 10 (Houston): Top 15
  • 2004 Red Bud Classic 100k (Oklahoma City, OK): 3rd
  • 2004 Hotter n' Hell 100k (Witchita Falls): 8th , Cat 5
Running Races
  • 2014 Bloomsday 12k (Spokane): 5739/49094 overall
  • 2014 St. Patrick's Day Run 10k (Calgary): 6th
  • 2012 Rock n' Roll New Orleans Marathon: 1673/3698 overall
  • 2008 Texas Independence Relay: 49/113 overall
  • 2008 Chevron Houston Marathon: 2509 / 5593 overall
  • 2004 Halliburton Houston Half Marathon: 832/5213 overall
  • 2004 Mardi Gras Beach Run 5k (Galveston): 4th
Inline Skate Races
  • 2005 Bridge Fest 5k (Kingwood): 3rd
Backpacking/Hiking/Peak Bagging/Snowshoeing
  • Angel's Landing, Utah: Weihan, Raymund
  • Atlin Lake, Yukon, Canada: Kathrin
  • Arches, Utah: Lynnette, Danielle
  • Big Bend, Texas: Solo
  • Big Thicket, Texas: Chris
  • Bryce Canyon, Utah: Lynnette, Danielle
  • Chester Lake, Kananaskis, Canada: Kathrin
  • Chilkoot, Alaska: Chris, Chris’ Dad, Mitch
  • Davy Crockett, Texas: Chris, Bob
  • East Coast Trail, Newfoundland, Canada: Kathrin
  • Enchanted Rock, Texas: Mo
  • Glacier I (Avalanche Lake), Montana: Jeff, Bridget, Marcie, etc.
  • Glacier II (Cracker Lake), Montana: Danny, Colleen, etc.
  • Glacier III (Kintla Lake), Montana: Danny, Matt, Tracy, Marco
  • Glacier IV (Ptarmigan Pass), Montana: Danny, Matt
  • Glacier V (Triple Divide Pass), Montana: Danny, Matt
  • Grand Canyon I, Arizona (North to South): Lynnette, Danielle
  • Grand Canyon II, Arizona (South to North): Weihan, Ross, Raymund, Deb, Caroline
  • Grand Canyon III, Arizona (South to North, 1 day): Weihan, Raymund, Caroline, Lance
  • Hanging Lake, Colorado: Lynnette, Danielle
  • Lake Louise, Canada: Kathrin
  • Miles Canyon, Yukon, Canada: Kathrin
  • Mt. Assinniboine, British Columbia, Canada: Weihan, Devin, Raymund
  • Mt. Fuji, Japan: Rich, Jim, Nagai-san, etc.
  • Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia: Chad
  • Mt. Princeton, Colorado: Caroline, Lance
  • Mt. Sherman, Colorado: Caroline, Lance
  • Narrows, Utah: Weihan, Raymund
  • Neon Canyon, Utah: Weihan, Raymund
  • Ringtail Canyon, Utah: Weihan, Raymund
  • Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Canada: Kathrin
  • SNAFU Lake, Yukon, Canada: Kathrin
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia: Solo
  • Troll Falls, Kananaskis, Canada: Kathrin
  • Wheaton River, Yukon, Canada: Kathrin
Basketball Tournaments
  • 2000 Spokane Hoopfest Champions (Chad Williams, Darren Dinwoodie, Nate Wehunt)
  • 1996 Odessa 3-on-3 Tournament Champions (Chad Williams, Chris Shaules, Dave Marquardt)



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