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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Global Warming and Gorrilas Getting My Goat

gorilla love
So last week started off so nicely. HART training was good, challenging. Tuesday we ran the River Oaks route for about 9mi on a very hot and humid day, which is everyday. I felt good for the first half, but the heat was just making it tough for the rest of the run. I kept with Tom for most of it, but as he accelerated down the final stretch from 610 on Memorial (as I expeceted), he pulled away. Still, it was a good workout. Wednesday I swam for the first time in several months and it was actually a better outing than I can remember...I just decided to go and swim, breathing every-other stroke, and see how far I could go continuously and I was able to go a lot farther than I thought I could! There might be hope for me yet doing a triathlon in the near future! Of course it would have to be a short (<=300m) pool swim. :) Thursday was HART again, and Rick concentrated on training for Jack Brooks. It was easy, compared to Tuesday's training, and we were done within an hour or so.

Friday was more stressful than I thought it would be. Mo told me that I HAD to stay in the office for the whole day, so I knew something bad was going to happen. Late in the morning, I get a call from the front desk telling me that I have a delivery waiting for me. I reluctantly shuffled downstairs and peered around the wall. Thankfully, all it was were flowers and a tree for my office--it was our 6-month monthiversary. So I went back upstairs and admired my new foliage...then Mo calls and informs me that there is still yet another package to be delivered within the hour or so. Now I'm freaking out...should I just lock my door?!?! I walk by a cp-worker's office and see Elwood along with a few others sitting there...why didn't I pick up that signal--obviously they knew something was about to go down! But, no, I stupidly sat there in my office and waited...then I hear a clamoring "is this Kenny's office?!?!, no this is Chad's office...where's Kenny's office?!?!..." OMG. I literally was thinking, "I'm gonna kill Mo!" As I look up, there's a woman in a gorilla suit right in my face, dragging me out into the hall. It was too late.

So me being such a good sport, I try to go along with it all. I was so embarrased that was the first time in modern history that someone has seen me blush. It was a bit warm too, so I was slightly sweating at the brow. Can you say, uncomfortable. Yes, thanks Mo, all that work to establish respect at workplace was dashed all in 10mins of ridiculousness. Finally, she let me go and I was left feeling used and abused--of course almost everyone at the company was there in the hallway taking pictures and recording video...horrible. It was one of those moments where I just had to say, "I can't do anything about it..." just like if you were about to get mauled by a grizzly bear. After a few gorilla jokes from the peanut gallery I slunk my way back into my office and Mo tried to make a peace offering of lunch (yes, I even couldn't leave to eat!). Anyway, so maybe I need to increase the number of things I regret to 2...

Saturday morning I did something possibly stupid. I decided to do one of my hydration protocol tests, instead this time, not drink any fluids at all during the test. So for about an hour I didn't drink anything while at about 85-90%max HR. Oddly enough I felt better than I did before. I weighed myself before and after and I had lost over 1.5lbs in 30mins...which matches with my sweat test in Austin a few months back. Okay, so the stupid part was that I was supposed to have a long training day the next day with my No Sweat team. We headed up to Rick's lakehouse on Sunday and the original plan was to do a 10k run, 26.5mi bike, 4hr paddle, 10k run, and 26.5mi bike. But the heat caused us to cut it down a bit. Damn global warming...its ruining my AR career! I'm heading back north, I swear...

Yesterday was another tough training day at HART. We headed over to Sabine for some hill training on both foot and bike. It was rough again, but good. I actually felt great--on the bike I felt like I could churn forever up the hills. I'm just so much more at home on the bike. Hit the pool again yesterday and again did much better than usual...even better than last week! Ironman here I come! Yah, right!

That's pretty much it. Sorry, not that many photos, but I figured one of the gorilla would make up for anything...revenge will be sweet...


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