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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our AR Family Just Got More Nimble

"[Mo] is a nice woman who came into BARC looking for a cat that didn't have lots of hair loss issues and would, for her [K-SPoT], be on the lower side of allergic-to-humans spectrum. She had researched on the internet before coming to BARC so was well equipped to make a cat-choice that would prove successful in her household (they already live with one cat, but wanted to make sure their second one was a good fit). She was looking for a Siamese and .....Look who she found! Another happy ending for all."

Say hi to Yuki (you-key)!

Please go to the City of Houston's animal shelter, BARC, and save some of these unfortunate animals.


Blogger neesha_wright said...

OMG! Cute addition to the family and I really love the name! Is he a chatty cat? I have a cat who is part Siamese and she is a noisy one...

7:28 PM

Blogger K-SPoT said...

well, right now, I think he's figuring out the surroundings, so not much chatter...but a lot of teasing Nikko! I think she's finally warming up to the newcomer!

7:39 AM


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