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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

K-SPoT's Home on the Web is Moving Again!

ok, bud, where do you want it?WARNING: Non-adventure race-related material.
Alright, it was coming. Time Warner has switched over to Comcast, so my web host has changed by default. So please update your bookmarks:


I tried getting "kspot" again, but this time someone beat me there! Frick! Anyway, in the process, one good thing happened: I have a little more space to work with therefore the following links now work:

"Left Hemisphere"
-->"Academics" (past classes and project reports in PDF!)
-->"Research" (papers and DISSERTATION, draft, in PDF!)
-->"Buildings" (this one is still in skeleton form)

"Right Hemisphere"
-->"Turkey" (travel jounal, pics still not operable)
-->"Japan" (travel journal, pics still not operable)
-->"Visual-Visual" (still skeleton form)

As you will notice, a lot of the photos aren't up because I still have to update the pointers for them. Otherwise, papers, reports, etc are available! Anyway, if there's anything that should be on there and isn't and you want it back on there, let me know.


Blogger Nickoli said...

K-spot was taken But so was
KennySR-71wrathofPharrowKahn.com ?

10:51 AM

Blogger Nickoli said...

K-spot was taken. But so was
KennySR-71WrathofFpharrowKahn.com ?

10:52 AM

Blogger K-SPoT said...

ah, i didnt check that! that nick, always thinking...

11:03 AM


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