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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Year End Reviews

winter wonderlandSo it has been a silent winter for me. With the new house, new puppy, travel up to Washington, and, yes, the engagement, I have been somewhat preoccupied. But fear not, we are about to start up a new, exciting year of racing! In fact, once its up and running, I will start blogging on the Primal Quest site to keep you all up to date on our team's training up until our voyage into Big Sky Country (pronounced "kun-trehh")!

But to continue forward, occasionally you need to research the past. Here's the logs of the past 2 years. I've accumulated about 6k miles in total! More interesting is to study the cyclic nature of my activity level. You can see the distinct lulls and I made notes at these points to explain the "why." If its not very interesting to you, then maybe its a bit pretty?

Alright, finally, I know I have been slacking on the race reports, but here is a list of what I need to catch up on:

- Spread Your Wings 18hr (can't believe no one reminded me of this one!!)
- Race for the Cure 5k
- USARA Nationals 30hr
- Lone Star Rogaine Championships 24hr
- Texas Dare 12hr
- Houston Marathon

Wow, now that I list it out, I can't believe it! Yes, I'll get to it!! Until then, race on!


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