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Monday, April 13, 2009

HART Sprint Adventure Race Training Camp Testimonial

minor branch obstacleThe camp this past Saturday was a great success--we even put up a tyrolean traverse that was pretty fun! Everyone graduated, meaning no one quit. Here is a testimonial:

"I just want to give a shout out to Rick Sanders and his crew. Kenny thanks for showing me how to use a compass. This was definetly a strong team of people. I knew nothing about adventure racing and what all was involved. I did not even know how to use my bike :). But after 8 hours with Rick, I had a good sense of what I was getting into. Also when I attended this training camp, the team of HART members were so helpful and took care of me inspite of my falls and slides; they were there to see me to the end. It was definetly an intense training; but I enjoyed every bit of it. This is a camp that I would recommend to anyone that wishes to get started with adventure racing. I thought I would be too tired to drive home. But actually I was so wired up from the training, I reflected on everything we did all the way home. I did not have a sleepy bone in my body; I was sore and had a bruised ankle and a few cuts, but that was it. I told my husband that I will be signing him up for this training. I want him to share in the intensity of what was involved during this training that words can't describe. I am looking forward to my first race. Rick thank you so much for your military style teaching; it is what I needed. I look forward to more trainings and races with HART. God Bless you Rick and all the HART members that helped me yesterday"



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