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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deconstructing RBP #2

So, its been a while since I've done these nerdy time split analyses, so here you go. I just put up the top 5 because the results were in graphic form (couldnt copy and paste). The top chart of course shows how Arild had full control of the race until the last leg with the passport issue. But what's interesting is that after having a good 1st leg coming in 2nd, Shake and Bake started losing ground and were fighting for 2nd 2-male for most of the race until Semper Fi (Jim Kronaeger and Son) blew it open on the last bike leg.

The splits chart shows pretty much the same thing, but it gives a better picture of each of the leg times. Arild controlled the run and paddles, while I kept it nice and close with good bike times. Shake and Bake actually had a really good 2nd paddle, keeping them neck and neck with Semper Fi. Negative splits on the paddle, as should be expected (downstream instead of upstream) and a couple of us were able to have negative splits on the bike!

Fun with graphs...yay!


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