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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Domer Returns to Homeland

This is Love So the frivolity of the past weekend at Notre Dame has come and gone. I'm just starting to settle back into the routine. We ended up winning against Tennessee 41-21 and that gave us a one place jump to 7th in the polls. Nice. It was good to see old friends at ND: Tracy, Marco, Amy, Dean, Kurama, etc...and to see the GU reps of Matt and Danny. Its so different now, yet so much the same. The main difference is that Tracy is pregnant and Amy is pregnant again. Craziness. Then Kurama goes and tells me I'm getting old at 32 and I need to settle down. I'm starting to believe him. Until then, I will go on with what I feel is right.

Like I told Nick, training doesn't stop just because you're traveling. Play hard, work hard. I did two runs while I was in South Bend, one being a marathon training run of 13miles and another one being about 3-4 miles of tempo and stairs. Mostly it was to offset all the drinks and food consumed during the weekend. Even so, I felt lethargic last night, my first practice since leaving. I'm afraid that my training intensity is slowly waning and will make me lose my edge...but everywhere I read that it is neccessary to take it easy this season to refresh myself. So I'm so conflicted. Plus, we're going to be racing the Texas Dare as Team RunBikePaddle.com, so I want to do well, hopefully getting on the podium. MOAT is racing so it would be tough to take it from them, the USARA champs both in the open and masters divisions. That's just sick. Not fair.

There's a 25k race this weekend that I am contemplating doing right now, but 15.5 miles seems to be a long way to run right now...let alone race. Just upgraded Eve with Chris King hubs and 517 Mavic rims and I can feel the difference. Now I'm thinking of switching out my handlebar and headset...Nick has been my guide in this. He gave me the funniest thing for my birthday...my pimp name is Farrow Flex so he thought it would appropriate that he give me a Funk Master Flex medallion. Its so fresh! I just wish I could put it on Eve somehow.

BTW, Cus was played of course, but I was demolished by Matt, the newcomer. Beginners luck.


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