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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sammich and K-SPoT Come in Hot

So this weekend was a rest weekend. The weather of course decided to turn nice...just rub it in a little more, please. But that just gave us another reason to throw a party last night. The temps were perfect for enjoying the outside air and chillin on Sam's back deck and grill out a bit. It was phenomenal. It actually went the way I thought it should...for once. About 20 people showed up, mostly AR folk. A surprise appearance was made by Togs, who had some really depressing news. But I chose not to dwell on it and just hoped he had a good time. Everyone is pretty social in this group so I didn't feel like anyone was left out.

One of the best parts of the night was when four women were rolling around in my bed at one time...too bad they were all batting for the other team. But I can still tell people some of the facts and embellish a little. Everyone was civil and pretty funny once they were comfortable. Sam seemed happy too, which is important...it was good to see him having a good time and enjoying the fruits of his backyard labor. Nick was on last night...it had to be something in the wine. He had a lot of funny stories and Jaunda had to try and keep him under check, which she did for the most part. She did however declare me her alternate husband for a moment when Nick went on a tirade. It was hilarious to watch. Then Toby was trying to do his part by trying to convert some of the women, Tina and Tara in particular, by trying to hump their legs. He was successful with Tara and she just stood there in horror, not exactly sure what to do until Sam pulled him off of her. I almost died laughing!

I was kinda surprised that Tara showed, but then again not so surprised. I knew Andrew would because he's really a nice guy who doesn't wish ill on most people...Messer I knew he wouldn't show. As a recap, I'm not heading to nationals...it was ugly on my part and I had enough. So I actually moved onto another team, Rough Riders. I actually had been hoping to be on their team for about a year now, so this actually works out well for me. We obviously are now focusing on the long races, with Primal Quest being our target race. I'm really excited and this means a lot tougher, focused training, but if we make it to PQ, it will be all worth it. I actually am somewhat happy that I'm not going because it has freed the rest of my year to pretty much do whatever I want. Now I'm going to do the 24hrs of Rocky Hill this coming weekend, the relay orienteering meet at Bastrop the weekend after that and then the Martindale Tri relay the weekend after that. These races will be my attempt to get back to enjoying the races...for fun. We even have friendly bets for the 24hr RHR and Martindale races for beer...definitely ensuring it will be for the fun of it. Also, as a replacement activity, I'm heading to Notre Dame that weekend of my birthday to watch the Tennessee game. Danny and Matt will be flying in too. Good times.

Official results came in from the Challenger 7 O meet and I indeed won the advanced category. That was a sliver of good news after the TerraFirma debacle. I pretty much took last week off, only doing a recovery ride on Wed right before the social at Los Cucos. Then when the weather turned nice on Friday and I forgot to bring my contacts to work so that I could swim, I knew I had to go and run. I ran about 6mi and it felt great! The first lap around the Memorial loop I didn't sweat much or even have labored breathing. I'm glad the weather is starting to cooperate because I'm a little behind on my marathon training and need to start putting in more mileage...I have about 14 weeks left until the Houston Marathon.


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