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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Week of Light Training

This week was pretty light in terms of training intensity. Monday, I was still recovering from the 25k the day before, so I just took it easy and just coached, without participating as well. I watched their bikes while they were on the run. I made them do a run-bike-run-bike-run brick...about 2mi-5mi-2mi-5mi-2mi, the run being from picnic loop to 610 and back and the bike on the fruit loop. It was really boring just sitting there, so I did some technical drills on my bike and did a bunch of pushups, dips, and situps. Then Tuesday was run by Tom and we ran the jogging loop and did sprints at the track and pullups along the way. The sprints were pretty tough, but I was feeling oddly fresh and happy, so it was a good session for me. I felt strong on the pullups and even did extra ones on the last set. That is plain amazing considering I used to have trouble just doing one pullup about a year ago.

Wednesday I took off because we had a Stress happy hour, which is pretty rare. It wa a tough decision, but I thought spending some time with coworkers would be good. Thursday, Rick took over and I helped out a bit while he talked to Carlos. That was a tough one as well as we did a bunch of cals and ladders and more cals and more ladders. I was out of breath, but survived. Then of course yesterday was an off day. I was only able to swim once this week since we had a lunch meeting on Monday and the T-day luncheon yesterday. I do feel like I'm improving, though. I got to start trying to go several laps nonstop on my freestyle. The breathing part is still kicking my ass.

So the training camp for the Dare is going on this weekend, but my team had other things to do. I'm really worried about our team--we haven't even practiced together yet. That kinda screwed up my schedule for this weekend--not really sure what to do today. I do know that I need to do my long marathon run tomorrow for sure.


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