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Friday, May 05, 2006

Your Tiger Style is No Match for My Drunken Frog Style

its all about the presentation
So, its another tweener. After racing last weekend, I have to quickly transition into another race this weekend. Its not bad since this time I'll be on my bike. Yes, the Big (Pimp) Ring Challenge, as dubbed by Ross. We have a good contingent of HART riders for this one (11 so far), as expected, since it is in our backyard: Double Lake. It will prove to be a very fast course!

sensei and studentsGiven this, as common training knowledge dictates, I should do a recovery workout this week and then back to tapering down for the race. I went to HART practice on Tuesday and it was another good one. I forgot that it was the first week of the month, which usually means PFT. Thankfully, it was not to be that day! Instead we started out by riding to the pullup bars and doing 2 sets of pullups, running little loops in between to keep aerobic. Then we went for a ~1mi run down and back the new trail on the west side of the park loop. Headed back to HQ and went for a 45min trail ride in groups. Our group was Warship, Sly, Crash, and I. We did the green trail...as always, I was working hard to keep up with the Warship--this trail was his specialty (my HR monitor said the same). We came back and we still had a brick to do: run 1, bike 1, run 1 loop around the purple trail. My knee was a bit sore from last weekend's race, so I just did the first run and the bike. It was a good workout--2hrs worth!

mighty mo makes makizushi
The rest of the week was pretty lax. To hone our other skills and reaquaint ourselves with Shaley and Nickoli, Mo and I went to a Sushi 101 class Wednesday night. It was great--Nemotosensei from Rickshaw ran the class and we learned how to roll some tight sushi! I already know the tea ceremony, so all I need now is Tae Kwon Do, or maybe Kabuki...ok, that'll have to wait. Last night I wanted to get some trail riding in, but right as I was putting on my jersey, the skies opened up and dumped several inches of spring rain. Crap. Now that I look at the forecast, it looks to rain for most of the rest of the week into the weekend--DL will be a muddy mess. Oh well. In replacement, I plan to run and do pullup circuits tonight and then head to DL tomorrow morn to get a preride in to see how bad the trails are...hopefully not too nasty.

That's it. Cinco de Mayo. Now, where did I put my bandolier?...


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