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Monday, July 03, 2006

Le Tour is On, MOAT Has Finished PQ

It's definitely on. Hincapie is in Yellow, The Norse God has left blood on the road, and all is up in the air. Despite the non-starts of Ullric, Basso, and Mancebo, it looks like the Tour is going to be exciting anyway! While I know the Yellow will most likely leave Hincapie today, it was still good to see him wear it for at least a day. That man deserves it and more! MOAT is done and has captured 14th place! Awesome! I really can't wait to hear their stories!

So this week has been pretty rough on me, training-wise. I'm obviously out of shape, but have been training harder lately to get back into the thick of things...slowly--don't want to get injured trying to get back to 100% fitness. Tuesday and Thursday were HART sessions. Tuesday I got a trail run in before practice and then we had teams again during training and I got this newbie who obviously was trying too hard at first, so we had to slow it down dramatically after the 1st run. But it was good because I got to talk to him about AR and I enjoyed helping him out--I of course can remember when I was in his shoes. Thursday, another trail run before training and then we had track work. It was tough for me because I haven't done those in a while, and I was actually just thinking that I needed to do them again earlier last week. We then did a trail ride where I got to stretch out my legs and motor.

Wednesday I paddled about 6 miles in the bayou. The temps were actually bearable which turned the outing into a slightly enjoyable experience. I loved the looks that everyone walking across bridges or along the trails gave me...hilarious! Saturday I did my battery of bike sessions. First a protocol test for the T6 report then a set of sprint intervals. I was wiped. Yesterday I went trail running at Memorial. The heat and humidity were conspiring against me again--I was sweating buckets! I ran across a taped off section of the Triangle, where a yellow jacket nest apparently fell down. Definitely ran around that mess. Then along the Bayou I ran into a snake--I stopped and let it cross. The summer has all kinds of things moving out and about. Good times. Again I was wiped. Was supposed to go paddling again but I knew the lakes would be crazy with people. Planning to paddle the Bayou tonight.

That's all I got for now. Just getting back into training. Happy 4th!


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