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Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Week of Workouts

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So I remember back when Kenny Farrow directed his first race in 2006...it was a good race, now he is a world-renown race promoter and producer, same as the likes of Burnett...okay, so I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. LOL. Yes, this was the first race I put on and it was with Aaron, who did most of the layout of the course. It was really fun doing it and I really would like to put another one on later this year. It all depends on timing and conflicts with other races, etc. We'll see...if not, definitely one next year. Terry Hershey was a good location for sure. It was definitely an easy course, so we might step up the difficulty up next time...

Barfoot philosophizesLast week I got in some really good workouts. Tuesday we had a tough 2hr workout with interval/relay workouts around the soccer field, riding the fruit loop, and some pullups and bike carrys. I was a little frustrated with my bike pod because the alignment was very sensitive. I finally got it to work out, but I have since moved it over to my road bike since I plan to do a lot of my protocol tests on that bike in the next few weeks. Wednesday I went back to Terry Hershey to put up the western cps for the bike race this past weekend. It had rained the weekend before that and I found out why Addicks Reservoir was called a Reservoir! It looked like a lake! And I couldn't put up one point because the location was now under water. Craziness!

class is in sessionThursday was another hard workout, except, me being a masochist, decided to get a longer workout that day. I came out an hour earlier and did a bike-run 1hr brick. Then we proceeded to do a 3 loop bike time trial on the fruit loop, then finished it off with a run-bike-run-bike 2person team race on the trails. I had Helena who was pretty strong, so I knew we would do fine. We had Michael Mey and Jackie in our sights, but then there was an illegal substitution between Rick and Michael. Cheaters. So, we just kept our pace constant and came in 2nd. It was a pretty demanding, good practice.

Monty goes for itTook Friday off and then did my first Protocol Test for my T6 research paper on Heat-Humidity-Sweat loss on Saturday. I'm gonna try and get a set of controls by doing a 8min warmup and then a 30min steady state bike on the fruit loop at about 80%hr exertion. It went well and got some good data. Today I'm gonna see if I can do it again. I did a before and after weighing to get the fluid loss data. Then I followed it with a 8x10sec sprint interval set and 30min more of riding. Felt really good throughout that workout.

post-race debriefingThen of course yesterday was the Bike-O at Terry Hershey. Aaron and I were joking that it would be just Monty who showed because that was the only confirmation we both got via email. To our surprise we had a pretty good showing: 3-1person teams and 2-2person teams. We started at about 9am and it lasted about 2-3hrs for the teams. Tommy finished up first at around 2hrs, followed by Justin and Barfoot, then Monty. Apparently Monty and Justin/Barfoot were neck and neck at the last CP, but Monty took an offroad trail that would take a lot longer that the paved trail the others took. It was a good outing and no real complaints, other than maybe that it was too easy for some. So for sure will have an advanced course next time...

Even a Fuchs has his dayNow I'm a bit distracted by Primal Quest! Crazy that I actually thought I was ready for that thing! Then again, there's always next year...LOL.


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