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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

t6 vs. Smartbelt Comparison: Final Chapter

Red = Smartbelt; Blue = t6

Okay, this was going to be the last straw for me...if the Smartbelt didn't work satisfactorily this time in the pool during my lunch swim, I was gonna drop kick it into a trash bin! I tightened the strap even more AND wore a compression t-shirt. Thankfully, it worked! You will still see some portions of the log where it lost my HR and just interpolated between the missing data, but comparing it with the t6 reading, it is obvious that it did a better job of recording data.

What is interesting to observe is that while EPOC and TE are higher for the Smartbelt as expected since both are cumulative measures based on HR, other vitals such as energy consumption, max ventilation, and average HR are higher for the t6...I'm guessing these are artifacts from interpolation of the missing data for the t6 when I was under water.

Anyway, this is the last I will test the Smartbelt since it is obvious that it can work if you tighten the bejesus out of the strap, meaning that it is a contact issue, not a communication issue.


Blogger Nickoli said...

But by tightening the "bejesus" out of it. Does that take away from maximum lung expansion?

7:33 AM

Blogger K-SPoT said...

my lungs are stronger than a measley strap.

12:24 PM


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