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Monday, June 11, 2007

Thanks to Team Dynamic Health

Dynamic Health RacingBefore I forget to give them props as I'm sure I will be in a frenzy in the next several days, I wanted to thank Dynamic Health Racing (i.e., Robyn, Gayla, and Richard) for helping me out this past weekend on ropes technique! I learned a lot and it was a bit of fun too! We rappelled and ascended to my heart's (and body's) content--the Greenbelt was full of water (see pic), which I guess isn't very common at all--we were just barely rappelling onto dry ground!

up, up, up!There has been a lot of news coming out of Prince Rupert regarding the high snow levels and the excessive flooding due to the spring/summer melt. The race director has been scrambling to re-adjust the race course to adapt to these dangerous conditions. They do say they have it under control...:)

Anyway, still have much packing and training to do. I will have the SYW race report up sometime...really.


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