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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SES Race for the Cure

SES tentThis is why I love this company. Once in a while we get together and support a good cause and at the same time get some outdoor exercise in the process! This time it was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We have at least two cancer survivors at Stress, so this had special meaning for us. Of course, you can't expect cool October weather here in Houston. It was muggy and warm that morning--I was already sweating just walking from the car to the SES tent! I knew I wasn't going to set a PR today.

minglingWe were one of the first ones there, with Alan being the only one to beat us. We hung out for a bit while the rest of the crew trickled in. I decided to go on a warm up run...wtf was I thinking?!? Good thing I brought an extra shirt to sweat into. About an hour later it was time for photos and I was just hoping that I wouldn't sweat through our cool blue shirts. Start time was soon approaching so I changed into my race shirt and made my war to the line.

Stress Engineering ServicesIt was at this time that it started to drizzle...it was nice and cool so I welcomed it at first. But I knew it would prey havoc on us at the finish since the steam would rise and make it just unbearable. It was a full on downpour during the opening ceremonies and then it stopped right before the gun went off. Nice. I started off with a conservative pace knowing the humidity would give me fits. I was feeling good up until the final stretch on Allen Parkway. This is where I was just fully drenched in the thick air and my own sweat. I tried to push, but it wasn't going to happen. I took it easy up until the final 100m where I sprinted in with one other guy--he thanked me for egging him on. So, as I expected, no PR...a few seconds slower. I didn't mind since I haven't "raced" this short of a distance in about 2 years now.

mmm, you can just taste the humiditySo I tried to quickly dry off and enjoy the post-run festivities at the SES tent. Seemed like all were having a good time. Mo and I stayed for a bit and then had to leave at about noon. In all, a good fun time with the company!

Note: this blog will be moved back to October after this week.


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