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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Mortal Musings

where to now?So, we're all back from Montana and things just seem a bit boring now. The one thing that has been keeping me busy is the aftermath of the lightning strike that hit the house the day before I left for PQ. Great timing huh? I basically had no time to fix anything, so I was freaking out. Here's the current tally of the things taken out by the lightning:

- HVAC (control boards and thermostats)
- Security system (control board and wiring)
- Printer
- Internet (cable modem and wireless router)

TOAST!Thankfully, Aaron and his cousin Mike did us a HUGE solid and went over and fixed the HVAC while we were gone...so our kitty's didn't fry in the 90+ deg heat! I have a pic of the Brinks control panel, but I couldn't get my iPhone to focus correctly. Anyway, you can kind of see where one of the chips (or whatever--I'm not an electrical!) melted through.

Nothing much else going on--planning to hit the Houston Urban sprint this weekend and cheer everyone on and then head over to Boyd's to pick up all my gear that they lugged back. I thought I would be burnt out after this race, but oddly enough I've been surfing around (once our internet was back up), searching for what was next. Scary, huh?


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