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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay, just kidding! I LOVE the olympics! Especially women's beach volleyball...or is it just the uniforms Walsh and May wear...what was I talking about? Anyway, this weekend should be pretty interesting. No Sweat race is this Saturday and my surgery is on Monday. I just had my pre-op this morning and I LOVE how they try to get as much money from you beforehand--what are they implying?!? Anyway, got stuck by another needle, but this time I barely noticed it. I actually saw the magnanimous Dave Boyd last week and he aspirated the lymphatic fluid to relieve some of the pressure while I waited for Monday to come. Such a generous spirit--one of the people that you treasure to have met. Anyway, I just ask to keep me in your prayers.

Training was good this past couple of weeks. I went for a ride on my road bike a couple of times, logging about 30 miles each time. Hit training and got to see a noob almost lose his lunch this past Tuesday--good times, good times. Then I got to do a run around Memorial loop with Whit, Lauren, Mike, and Laura. Planning to hit training tonight and that will be it until race time. We had a slight change in lineup with Rick subbing in Kyle for himself. We should be fine--we will just have to convince Kyle not to go too fast too early...unless he would like to carry my lifeless body for most of the race course.

you're killing me with that cute face!!Finally, this is my dog, Rockne. Actually, Rockne Defies Gravity officially with AKC. Granted, he is a dog so he is bound to have little quirks here and there, but I'm quite perplexed by this one and it is especially frustrating at times. When it rains he doesn't like to go outside because apparently he doesn't want to get his paws wet. WTF?!? This from the dog who LOVES baths and usually can't wait to rush outside to do random laps around our tiny patch of grass (aka, backyard). I can only summize that he hates it when he gets back in and is slipping and sliding all over the wood floors because of his wet paws. So basically I have to take him out by leash and even then he only puts two paws down on the grass, just enough to pee off of the back porch stairs. Hilarious...well, not so hilarious at 6am in the morning. Needless to say, he has a bit more work before auditioning for Greatest American Dog.

I keep forgetting, but I'll put up some MRI's of my neck...you can tell me if they're useful at all. Yes, there is a back-story to this--next time.


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