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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Yesterday was our Personal Fitness Test (PFT) for HART. I felt good about it even though I hadn't been running as much--have been riding more, preparing for the final mountain bike race of the year. We did the usual chase the rabbits, pushups, situps, and pullups...then it was time for the 3mi timed run.

I was barely over 22min my last run, so I just wanted to break 22 this time around. Again, wasn't sure how realistic it was since I haven't been running at all. It started out good, as usual. Felt loose and had good form. I was actually at the front with Tom! There were 4 of us at about the halfway point. I knew that Tom would take off at any time--he was taking it easy since he had a race this weekend...so I just tried to stay with him as long as I could. Then at the 2mi point, the initial acceleration came and Aaron drifted...then I started to drift. My new goal was to just keep them in my sights. After the final turn, I turned it on, but they turned it on too. I came back to my original goal of sub-22. I looked at my watch and I was in good shape! I sprinted in and ended up at 21:40, 20 secs better than last time! I can't believe that I started at about 28mins the first time I did the PFT! Now, just have to keep the weight at bay during this holiday season...holla!


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