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Friday, November 25, 2005

Gobble Gobble Weekend

here ya go, NickUgh, no matter how many times I do it, I never seem to remember the next year--I totally stuffed myself with my Mom and Sister's cooking and felt a little past miserable yesterday night. Okay, I felt obligated to eat that much because there was a ton of food as usual--too much to be realistically consumed by a normal family. But I tried and lost. Now I defintely need to get some workouts done this weekend in the nasty, cold, wet Spokane weather.

Recapping this past week. Monday, a day after my long marathon training run, we had nav practice and Tom and Collins joined me on the hunt. We let Tom do the navigating because he wanted to get some experience. He did fine and we found 3 out of the 5 before we had to head back and meet with Lisa to discuss our 2006 race goals. That meeting was a little screwed up as we found out that Collins wasn't planning to do that many races next year...I was shocked, to put it lightly. Anyway, hopefully we can work something out. All I want is a stable, respectful team to race with the whole year if possible.

Tuesday, I took the day off of training. Then Wednesday I went swimming. I had a pretty nice breakthrough on Monday regarding my swimming--I started doing flip turns and was able to go longer on my laps before having to stop and get my breathing under control. I was so excited that I did the same thing Wed. I felt a little more fatigued for some reason and the water was definitely a lot colder that day for some reason, so I didn't go as far, but still felt good about my improvement. I did intervals of freestyle-sidestroke-breaststroke-sidestroke-backstroke-sidestroke-freestyle. I stopped doing the butterfly because it just took too much energy out of me to finish the whole interval. Then I finished up with freestyle sprint drills.

Thursday, I thought I would get a short bike workout before I left for the Spoke, so I rode my roadbike to the fruit loop then stopped by *-$ to pick up some coffee then went back home. Now I'm here in Spokevegas and I don't feel like doing any workouts because of the weather. I'm sure I'll get myself out somehow. Alright, I'm done here. I need to get out and get some walking done to offset turkey.


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