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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Eve Eve Training

Revving Up
Alright, so I jumped up out of bed early today. Relatively early compared to the times I've been getting up during my vacation. Got my running clothes on and started psyching myself up to get out there. Spent some time upstairs playing with the cats, then just went out the door to meet whatever what was in store. It wasn't as cold as I was imagining, but it was misting again. Thank goodness this run would be shorter. I waited for my Forerunner to get a gps fix and then I was off.

I ran the opposite way I did a couple of days ago--the hills were less severe this way. I figured since this was a recovery run I should stay away from hills. That said, there were still rolling hills along the way. Traffic was really light. Two miles came relatively quick and just like that I was heading back. That's when I saw Danny driving out for work. Then it was done, just like that. 30mins, 4 miles...a lot better than 14miles and 2.5hrs! I was running a little bit faster this time, so I was a bit winded this time.

I was then off to run some errands, like taking my Mom to Fairchild and the commissary. Now I'm about to head back to the Hangman compound to meet up with Danny. Then we're heading to Jon Neil's place for dinner. Should be fun.

Going Aero
Okay, you're probably wondering where these pics are from in this blog. I just got photos from the Martindale Triathlon a couple of months ago and they turned out great! I just thought these photos were great shots of the Masi Machine in action. Man, that definitely gave me a shot in the arm--can't wait to get on my bike again!! Just talked to Nick earlier about doing hillwork on the Hartman and Kemah bridges...KOJ is coming...


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