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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blogger is full of Syrup

Alright, I've been fighting with my laptop for the last hour, so I haven't been able to update my blog...I just installed Firefox and that has seemed to solve it for now, which means something in Internet Explorer is corrupt. No time to get into it now. I'm running out of lunchtime and battery power, so I will just leave you a picture of my kayak on Audi...it was a center of attention for most of this weekend. I will expound on this on a later date. I gotta go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Audi four wheel drive??

3:34 PM

Blogger K-SPoT said...

Be nice. Leave Audi Alone.

9:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sport,
I love the blog ;-)

what kinda 'yak ya got ?
Im going to buy one in the spring, do you recommend that one ?

randy w

8:22 AM

Blogger K-SPoT said...

Its a Boreal Esperanto. Its a fast boat, but if you plan to portage, you better have a plan on how to do it beforehand. I know a guy who could probably cut you a good deal on a new or used one. Let me know.

8:28 AM


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