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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting Soft (Around the Midsection)

Spoke Chariot
Now its snowing. Its just been crappy all weekend long and it has spilled into the week. If you haven't guessed yet, no I haven't done any of my runs this weekend. I was really planning to do it today, after seeing all these people running down Hangman Valley Road, just in front of Danny's compound, but with temps in the mid 30s and the rain/snow still coming down, it just doesn't seem too inviting. Like Thanksgiving, I get to see if I find my balls and actually get out there this time around. I was on the south hill, at the Starbucks, but something wierd happenend to the WiFi, so I just went down the hill to Gonzaga. I needed to get some stuff at the bookstore, so I figured I might as well make my way down here. Can't wait for the GU-St. Joe's game on New Year's eve! Danny gave me a ticket for Christmas, so that was cool. I'm mostly excitied because this will be my first time in the new "Kennel"...and its in their "corporate seats."
Hangman Valley
So far the visit has been great. It was crowded in Bruce and Emma's house, so now I'm bunking in Danny's cabin. It is so nice up here--the views are great. I rented a Subaru Forester for the AWD since I thought it would be snowy and icy, but as soon as I arrived all the snow had melted. It was icy early this morning, at about 6am (I had to take Neesha to the airport for her flight back) and I got a chance to refresh my skid control maneuvers...check. I'm thinking a Subaru may be my next car, either that or an Audi Allroad. Whatever it is, it definitely needs more cargo room. The sweet feature of the car was the heated seats. It was on without my knowledge and after a few minutes driving away from the airport, I was seriously concerned about my butt being so hot! I looked down and saw the heated seats controls. Nice. I had that option in the Audi, but this is only needed up here in the north, when its crazy cold.
How to Transform 101
So we did the Xmas thing and Ethan came out big. I got him the Robopet--its nice. He also got a lot of transformers from the rest of the family and Santa. I got clothes from ExpressMen and some cologne...it was a tech free Xmas for me this time. They told me that they figured I already had everything tech, so they didn't know what to get me. Funny. One thing I forgot to tell them that I needed was a new sports watch--I lost my 9 dollar special sometime a couple of weeks ago. Bummer. I guess I should get something nice this time.
The Men
Xmas night seems to be a big going out night here at the Spoke, so we went out to Pepperdines again this year...didn't even try the Wild Weasel this time--figured standing in a line for a Spokane bar on Xmas is ridiculous. It did get packed at Pepperdines after a while. Chad, Estela, Darren, Chris, Trent, Lisa, Rob, April, etc. It was crazy. I was in trouble that night because I didn't stay with just one type of drink...when the shots came out it was over. I had to think of a Texas themed shot, so I went for the Prairie Fire...they LOVED me for that one. I'm surprised they didn't toss me in a ditch. It was really good to see those guys again. We closed the place down and then, like last year, continued on to Kirahara's house. Man, that place definitely needs a man's touch. But I do like the drink fridge downstairs...and there's the crazy game of "Mexican Train"...someone needs to tell me why, when you are screwed with your own train, you can dump a domino on the "Mexican Train." I'm thinking this is a bit racist. But, I'm just sensitive that way. Lisa had the same question. Anyway, Rob, the aryan that he is, was expert at this game and won both rounds. I just wanted to yell "Domino M-F!"
Ethan Hides Behind Stuffing
I must have been drunk out of my mind because I handed the Subaru keys to Chad so he and Darren could go home. Oh well, it was returned in one piece. I just stayed there at Lisa's overnight with Estela and Rob. The next day seemed to go by really quickly as I slept most of the day away--the downstairs in Danny's house is so dark and it doesn't help when its overcast clouds for the whole day. I finally got up and went over to visit the family.
Trent's Tongue Strikes Again
Not much planned for today. Heading to the bookstore after this, having a GU gamewatch at Danny's and then possibly hanging with Estela tonight since she'll be leaving for Florida tomorrow. I also have to return Chad's military ID...not exactly sure how I came into possession of it. I guess I turn into a clepto when I get shots. Okay, I just looked at the weather and its not good. It looks like my best chance is tomorrow. Should have less to do then, so I have to force myself to do it. 80% chance of rain/snow, high of 41. Crap.
Stormy and K-SPoT
Okay, that's all I got. No training stories. But I can say that Danny's cats, Ty (for Ty Willingham) and Jule (Juliani), are cute and nice. Tis the season to enjoy family, friends, and fudge.
UFC or NC-17?


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