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Friday, March 24, 2006

I did it all for the Guinness

So the week after Eco Lonestar has been very lax. I actually experienced a little post-race depression--with the goal of qualifying achieved, I needed to refocus quickly or lose direction and motivation. Good thing we have a race coming up this weekend...Somer Breeze. It feels like we just did the Big Chill. Anyway, the week after EL, I did some quality training on the bike with Nick and Warship, getting ready for Red Bud. Swim training has been spotty at best due to multiple reasons. It sounds like My First Tri is under new management and they actually are now sanctioned by USAT, but now I'm just plain not ready for it. Oh well...just have to wait for another race later in the year. I probably should start with a pool swim tri anyway.

Last Saturday Mo and I went over to Somerville to scout out the area. It was a really fun hike and we got a lot of miles in. We would have gone further, but we had to get back into town in time for the GU game...grrrrr....I can't believe they lost like that last night! I'm still in disbelief! Okay, I'm losing focus here...then Sunday I did my usual morning ride around town...this time it was a bit longer: Kansas - TC Jester - Washington- Asbury - Memorial - Shepherd - Kirby - Avalon - Bellmeade - Ella Lee - Weslayan - Westpark - Newcastle - Braeswood - Fannin - San Jacinto - Congress - Smith - Memorial - Sawyer - Washington - Arnot - Memorial Loop - Memorial - Memorial Loop - Arnot - Crestwood - Blossom - Asbury - Schuler - TC Jester - Larkin - Arabelle - Kansas. About 30 miles. It was a great day for a morning ride!

Then the rest of the week was basically a taper before Somer Breeze weekend. I'm a little more prepared for this race, but we're doing this one just for fun, really. I mean, it would be nice to win it, but if not, no big deal. That's about it for now. Next report will be Somer Breeze. Hopefully I will have a better nav day here this time.

...and oh yah, no, we have no pics from St. Patty's Day...thankfully!


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