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Friday, January 13, 2006

Nothing's ever promised tomorrow today

It was not meant to be I suppose. I had screwed myself by doing that long run up in the Spoke. The payment: not being able to finish the Houston Marathon. I tried a couple test runs this past week to see how my knee was doing. Bad news of course. I lasted about 3-4 miles both times and then started to feel a tingle and pain in my knee. I went further yesterday night than I did Sunday night, meaning I'm healing but not fast enough. I finally called it. Time of Death, 7:03pm Thursday: Marathon Hopes Expired. I'm pretty depressed about it, but my friends have reinforced that this is definitely the right decision, especially if I want to target Eco Lonestar to qualify for Nationals this year. I'm slippin, I'm fallin, I gotta get up...DMX. So in the meantime I have gone full speed with my bike training. Monday night I did a recovery ride of about 2hrs and then Wednesday night I did tempo work for about 2hrs again. The reason I did the test run on Thursday is because on Tuesday, instead of doing the regular practice with HART, I did a walk/run of the jogging loop and I didn't feel anything with my IT band. So I started getting delusions that it actually healed itself within 2-3 days. Dumbass. Still swimming...actually planning to set a regimen with a trainer so that I can target My First Tri as my first tri. I will be very happy if I can replace this for the Marathon on my list.

That is pretty much my training this week in a nutshell. My new focus on the bike has been pretty fun...because I don't have to worry about knee pain. Racing people around the fruit loop, jumping into pacelines, and helping out inline skaters by letting them draft off of me. All fun. How much fun can you have running, really? Nothing like on the bike. Especially once you go mountain biking. I can't wait for the Spring Series to hit full swing. Get those damn road runners on a bike and see how they do.

Okay, I'm here at Salento waiting to hear from Deb and Ross, drinking a German beer...GERMAN, not French, Nick. We're planning to see Tim DeBoom at Bike Barn--this should rev me up for the triathlon goal. He won 2 Kona Ironmans (Tim had to tell me that)...that's okay, I guess. Geez. Then possibly heading over to Caroline's for a party. Nothing's ever promised tomorrow today.

This weekend is more biking: tomorrow is the training ride with Chevron starting at Katy Mills Mall. About 40miles. And then I'm heading down to Kemah to do the bridge a few times. About another 40miles. Weihan, the Bludworths will be there too. As for Sat, a bunch of HART folk should be there. Nick's on the boat again, so he will miss all the fun. But we're planning an Austin trip a couple of weekends from now. I get to see Nick's mean nephews...and Jester...

My MS-150 webpage is back up. Check it out.


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