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Monday, February 06, 2006

I See Your Bumpatio and Raise You BumpyGrind

WWRDI don't see nothin wrong, wit a little bump and grind. R Kelly certainly had Tapatio Springs on his mind when he wrote that song...you must have run into him a couple of times in the Bronx, huh, Nick? South Bronx, South South Bronx! Bunyan or Bunion...not sure it matters. Man, you surely looked fresh as a daisy after your race...Daisy, Daisy...

This was one of the most hilarious race weekends I've been on and may even top Sprint Nationals in Louisiana a couple of years ago! Good, clean fun. It was a great group to race with and we represented well! For full results you can cross-reference our roster with the TMBRA results. I don't believe they have compiled the team challenge points yet--they actually had lost the jump drive with all that information on Sunday. Hopefully they found it.

That's all for now--will have extended weekend race coverage later this evening.


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