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Friday, May 12, 2006

Cars, Stars, and Cereal Bars

speedstersWell this week was very interesting training-wise. Tuesday Rick decides to make us do a run-bike time trial in 90deg weather, with high humidity. I was very happy about this...really. From the bat I wasn't feeling well--it must have been that cereal bar I had just eaten a few minutes before, but I felt nauseous and wanted to puke. I dialed back my pace and watched Stan and Frank take off while Tommy, Bobby, and Raymund caught up to me. Towards the end of the 2.5 mi run, I started to feel a little better, but not that much. I got on my bike and had to take it slow at first. I slowly ramped up the speed. I really didn't think I would catch up to them. As I came up the final stretch down the purple trail, I started mashing and that's when I saw Frank. He saw me and started to race me home. Nice. I just wanted to finish strong, but this gave me extra fuel. I was able to pass him, but Stan was no where in sight. This is where I was thinking, the bike should be at least twice as long to be similar in intensity with the run, as is done in duathlons/triathlons. Oh well. Lets just chalk that one up as not a good day. Afterwards we went for an easy run and bike to cool down, but on the bike I popped a spoke. Thanks Nick for the defective parts! I just cut the route short and came back and called it a day. Not a good day at all.

Wednesday I decided to take it off since I was still hurting from the day before. Instead, Mo and I went to the Audi "Stars and Cars" reception. The Audi Le Mans Series was coming to Houston this weekend, so Audi hosted an event to showcase their racing car, the R8, which is actually on its way out and is being replaced by the R10. The drivers were there, Dindo Capello and Allan McNish. They were smaller than I had imagined, which must be because of weight savings in the car. It was a sweet reception and they were showcasing they're new SUV, the Q7. Man, that will most likely be my next car. So nice.

invite only
Thursday, HART practice was more sane. We rode our bikes to the pullup bars and did sets of pullups, sprints, lunges, etc. Then he let us go ride our bikes for about 30mins. That was it. Done. This weekend should be easy...Tonight, might go for a short bike ride to keep loose. Wow, a non-race weekend. Yeehaw!


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