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Monday, May 15, 2006

Holy Hotrods!

phat pirelli philliesOkay, this blog is a pure tribute to a pure man: Elwood. I thought about going to the American Le Mans Race this weekend, but my new hero, Elwood, actually went and seemed to make the best of it! The inset photo says it all! I gave the photo a standing ovation at my computer for about 5mins. Nicely done. Apparently this is what you do when you're not adventure race training. Nicely done.

pushing the limits of Audi cargoI, on the other hand, did some training over by Terry Hershey Park, riding the trails for the very first time. It was a good experience, but I had not bugeted my time wisely and had to leave early to pick up Mo at the Art Car Parade, also going on this weekend. Then on Sunday I kayaked a bit at Lake Woodlands--it was a great morning to be on the water...apparently everyone is a coach, however. Minding my own business, someone comes over to offer advice, unsolicited. Okay, so I'm not the best paddler, not even close, but can't I just enjoy a paddle without being harrased? It wasn't like I was drowning or anything. Anyway, I was just rubbed the wrong way by that.

That's all I have for now. I'm still in shock from Elwood's photo. Nicely done (clapping). BTW, Dindo and Allan won in the Audi R8...AGAIN!


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