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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Week 2 of Recovery

Well its been a couple of weeks since my total meltdown at the No Sweat race. I felt so rejuvinated last week, my first full week back to practice. Well, it wasn't really a full week of practice because Monday was Labor Day and Wednesday was the committee meeting and social. But we did ride RHR on Monday and I felt fresh and didn't have to get off as many times as I usually do.

Tuesday, Mey ran practice and made it pretty tough. But, again, I felt fresh so I was running strong and biking strong. I even did 80 pushups, unofficial personal record! Of course I probably had a personal worse of 31 situps afterwards, but I didn't care. Thursday, Rick had us do the brick workout that we haven't done in a while. Run ~3 miles, bike ~ 9 miles, run ~3 miles, trails. I stayed with Turnbull the whole time because I didn't want to overdo it my first week back...plus I later found out that my front brake was rubbing the whole time...that was actually a relief because I couldn't figure out why I felt so slow on the bike.

Saturday we had a trail ride at Memorial with Drost of CR100 fame. We are planning (we being Andrew, Tommy and I) to do the 24hrs of Dirt at RHR and Weihan had to drop out due to work obligations, so we were kinda having a "tryout" for Drost. Not really. Just wanted to ride with him to see his style. We started at noon because Drost and Deb had brunch with Rick...of course the rain caught up with us and came down just as we were pulling our bikes down. Crap. Thankfully, it only lasted about 10mins, but I was sure the trails would be nasty. They were. The first uphill on the yellow train, I washed out because the clayey ground was slick as, well you know. It was Drost's first time at Memorial so I'm sure he was impressed by all the mud, mosquitos, and humidity. He was cool about it though. The triangle was drier so I was able to open it up a little bit more there. In all, it ended up being about 10 miles all together.

Then today, I went for my long run. I'm getting really nervous about the marathon, so I wanted to get a long run in this weekend. I ran from the house to the backwood trails at memorial, around the jogging trail and then back to the house. About 10 miles. I felt good for the most part, until the run back to the house on the pavement. That made me realize that I have to do more of my miles on road to get my muscles used to it. Plus, I got some bonus points as Talmo saw me runnng across Washington this morning...he gave me the thumbs up! Nice.

Just call me LL Cool J.


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