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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Quick Update

Alright, I have forgotten my lunch today so I'm going to spend my lunch hour doing a quick blog. Back to work from the long X-mas weekend. It was nice--I went back to the Spoke and visited the fam and actually had time to see some friends. You see, due to ALL the banked vacation I had this year I was able to visit for a whole 2 days...being facetious of course. I'm not blaming anyone...actually, I think it turned out better that I spent fewer days than usual--no chance of feeling like I stayed too long.

Danny picked me up from the airport and we proceeded over to his lodge in the Hangman Hills since he had to pick something up on the way to my sister's house. His cats were at his mom's, so I didn't get a chance to play with them, grrr. I did get to play one of those plug-and-play joysticks that have retro games on them! Awesome! The one I played had Galaga, Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Pole Position, and a couple other games. I swore I would get me one of those soon!

Spent X-mas day with the Fam. Ethan has grown so much, especially wrt his personality. He loves to talk and we had a great time playing with his new toys. I especially liked playing with his Robosapien...another thing I need to get! Towards the evening I went out with Estela and Lisa and her bf, Derek. We went up to the south hill where there was a line at the Wild Weasel. Can you believe that?!?! We ended up heading next door to Pepperdines, where it eventually got pretty crowded there too. I was able to get Chad, Darren, and April to come up and chill for a while. Saw a bunch of Ferris folk. I was really glad that I went out that night.

That was it. Next day I flew out by 1pm and I was back in good ol H-town. Can you believe it snowed in Houston and there wasn't even a flake in Spokane?! Craziness. OK, that's it. Back to work.


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