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Saturday, December 18, 2004

University of Arizona Meeting

This place is sweet! I want to move to Tucson now! I think I just miss the university atmosphere--laid back and friendly. I'm sitting here in a cafe called Espresso Art. I'm not here only because they have free wireless internet, but this is where Robert, Dr. F, frequents. To prove this, I showed the lady who worked here this picture and asked her if she recognized anyone:

She immediately recognized Robert and his grad student, Ge. There was actually a grad student there who got her masters at Illinois and knew Spencer, Yong Gao, and Naru! She now works for Robert too. Too funny. The meeting went well, but it took the whole day. It was rough. I contributed some, but a lot of the meeting focused on the testing setup so I couldn't help much with that. I was able to help out with the ground motion scaling and MDOF analyses, so I was happy about that. Hopefully I can help out a bit in the future...oh yeah, you have to go to this webpage! Its a live video stream of Clay's experiments at Lehigh! Technology is amazing!

We went to Robert and Jen's home afterwards in the foothills on the outskirts of Tucson. It was beautiful--I hope Clay sends me the photo of the scenery at his place! It was a nice night to watch the stars and there was even a fireworks show in town that we could see from his deck. Jen made an excellent dinner! Mostly everyone had left town last night, but I'm still here and Robert, Jen, and I are planning a hike near Mt. Lemmon this morning. Man, its times like these that I wonder if I could make it as a prof...


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