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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Still Hot in Texas

Alright, back to the same song. We had the Terra Firma 12hr yesterday and despite a cold front rolling in mid week promising mid to upper 80 highs, the temps were in the mid 90s and those of us vunurable to the effects of the heat were again put in our place. It started off great as Dead Reckoning set a torrid pace, being in front of the 2nd place team by at least 30mins after the navigation section (it started off with a special test run up Fat Chucks, the usual bike course through the ranch, ride to the Colorado for an 1hr+ paddle, and then back to the ranch for the navigation).

By this time I was losing steam. I just cannot drink enough to replace all the sweat I produce in this heat it seems. I drank constantly throughout the day. Then it was to the next special test where 2 people had to run a course through RHR and 2 people had to ride a slightly longer course through RHR, not neccessarily needing to stay together. I opted for the bike first because we had just come back from being on foot. I figured I would be able to survive and keep our lead on the bike. But after the first 3 or so climbs on the bike course, I needed a break. So we camped under the minimal shade provided and that's when Andrew and Tara, the runners, came up on us. I could tell they were not happy with me at all. But what could I do--I heeded all precautions given to me to drink, but still here I was in this predicament. So after a 5min break I tried to go on, but still with no avail. We stopped again to reevaluate our situation. We decided to switch up and have Tara tow me on the run and have Andrew and Mike do the bike. It was working at first and I even urinated once, making me think I was on the path to recovery. But as the ran went on, I started to slow down again and this time I was getting twinges in my calves. Bad news.

So I tried and tried and tried. But finally on the way down back from the run, both of my calves cramped simultaneously. As I tried to reach down to stretch them out to relieve the agonizing pain, I started to tip backwards. I couldn't brace for the fall so I landed square on my tailbone, which is still sore as I write this blog. It took about 30secs for the cramping to subside. I couldn't believe I was cramping...I thought I had solved my cramping issues. But the heat is just something to which I don't seem to have the combination. From here on I had to stop everytime I felt the twinging coming on or suffer a debilitating minute of cramping. Nothing was working and I just tried to run through the twinges then finally Team STAR, the 2nd place team, came running by us asking if our riders were back at TA yet. We really didn't know. But that was just the blow to the head I didn't need. If their riders weren't there yet, I knew they would be along pretty soon. And sure enough, few minutes later, here came their riders. It was over. The next leg was a mountain bike up to Fat Chucks and there was no way we could make time on them when all of them were pretty good bikers, which included pro Tammy Killibrew. So all we needed to do is finish. Easier said than done. Every climb I had to get off my bike and have Andrew tow me up as he pushed both his bike and mine...then even went down to pull up either Tara or Mike's bike while I tried to get back on my bike. Andrew is amazing.

So, to make this excrutiating story short, we made it and held on to 2nd place (3rd place team was way back, so we were in no real danger). This is where my team proceeded to abandon me. ...edited...Deb and Tommy had to help me through my recovery. This I won't forget.


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BTW, we qualified for nationals. Whos the odd man out?...

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