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Sunday, September 18, 2005

ND vs. UW Revisited

So, this weekend was another fun-filled training spectacular. Actually, it wasn't too bad. I was first planning to go to RHR on Saturday with Caroline and Co., but I mixed up my dates and didn't realize the Challenger 7 orienteering meet was on Saturday not Sunday. So I made the tough decision to go to the meet and delay going to RHR until Sunday. If things go well...I will tell you why this was a larger decision than it may sound at the moment.

The meet was probably the fastest course I've done. I had an almost flawless course (there was one that was in the middle of a thicket, but it only took me maybe a minute or two longer) and if it wasn't so hot (I think the heat index was in the 100s again), I might have had some world record time or something. As it is, my time was around 41min. The reason I don't know for sure is because they were having "issues" determining the times. I think I got first in the advanced course, but I won't know for sure until they post results on their website. Another reason we left early is because Ross had a "Pimps and Hos" party to go to...and I would never get in the middle of that. Ross had a rough time at the meet only because he's still trying to recover from his knee surgery...and on top of that, he got DQ'ed! Apparently he had a mispunch, punching the wrong checkpoint. He was not happy about that. Oh well. Can't wait to see the actual results.

Sunday was training at RHR with Stan (Crash) and Messer (Wafer Boy, Big Dog). Nothing spectacular. We only did one 15-16mile loop and called it a day. I wanted to go for more but they were done. Randy and Kristina were there too. I think we're going to do fine. We just need to get in the Sevys one of these days.

This coming weekend is the ND game at Seattle...man, so glad--need a break.



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