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Sunday, November 27, 2005

There's Hope in the Spoke

Okay, my time here is running out as I leave the Spoke and head back to H-town tomorrow. There have been good things, there have been bad things about my visit. The one thing that I thought would be good is that Spokane has been trying to revitalize downtown and thus have set up a WiFi HotZone. I thought this would be awesome since I would be able to blog to my heart’s content whenever, but here I am, at Cabin Coffee, behind the Four Seasons’ Coffee store, without a connection and writing this blog offline. I tried earlier at Starbucks, but I eventually had to use Tmobile pay WiFi because the signal was so low…same thing here right now. I can’t seem to be able to find the sweet spots…only the dead spots. Now I’m sitting here, behind to girls, who seem to always have something to talk about. Ooops, spoke too soon--they’re leaving now. I’m about to ask the lady behind the counter if they usually don’t get the signal here in the store. Alright, I got the skinny. I had to step outside to get a signal. Now here I am in 30degree just so I can get this blog out to all my loyal readers (i.e., Nick). Jeez, what the heck, I have some pics too, so I'll put those in here too.

Alright, gonna make this quick because my hands are now freezing. Lets see. I actually got enough balls to run yesterday and just went for about 5 miles. Only 5 because I was taking pictures too...oooh, Common on the radio...I'll put those on here. It was actually nice after a few miles of running. I see my breath. This soup is helping a little. The run is where I found out about some of the improvements to downtown. They put in a fountain at Riverfront Park, enclosed the gondolas so that passengers wouldn't be freezing, their adding onto the convention center, and there were other things that I noticed but can't quite remember right now.

Went to Mass this morn and saw no one I recognized. Even the priest presiding--had never seen him before...he's Japanese, Ohno. That's his last name.

Okay, that's it for now, can't stand more of this cold. Enjoy the pics!!


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