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Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Recap

Raivio on DMan, it was been crazy the last few days, with New Years and getting back from the Spoke and all. After my last recovery run, where I had a little pain at the end, I decided to take a few days off from running. This wasn't exactly too hard since New Year's celebrations were fast approaching. That night after training, Danny and I went to Jon Neil's house for dinner and football. They had a nice place on the South Hill. It was good to see him and his family.

Morrison in Triple Threat position
Saturday I went back to visit the fam. Hung out there for a little while and had brunch, I suppose. Then I met Danny at REI for their scratch and dent sale. We were there late, so most of it had been picked through already. I was able to find this nice Nike watch for $25 when the suggested retail was 80...not sure what's wrong with it, but it sure works fine right now. Then it was off to D'Lish's for 2nd lunch and over to the MAC for the GU-St. Jo's game. It was close, closer than I wanted it to be, but we did win. It was nice to watch it in the new arena--they put in some nice things compared to the old Kennel.

Heather and Trent observe the New Year's antics
Now I was off to my whirlwind tour of the South Hill as I tried to hit as many places before midnight struck. I went back to the fam and Bruce cooked me steak for dinner. Man, I was stuffed--no amount of alcohol was getting me drunk tonight! I stayed there for a couple hours then headed over to Dave and Rebecca's. All my Ferris friends were there, already playing a game of Pictionary. Oh, did they know that I LOVE Pictionary?! It was the typical guys vs. girls and the guys had only a slight lead. I had an instant impact--I belted out some elaborate drawings and guessed wildly at their "interesting" drawings and next thing you know we had pulled away and eventually won. The best one was when I guessed "frog" when the drawing looked nothing like a frog...the women thought I peeked at the card. It was hilarious. So the night went on and we tried other games like Kings and Three Man, which incidentally was the game that put Chadwick over the top...with my help. With Chad passed out in the other room, New Years came and the champagne was drank. Good times. The time passed so fast that I didn't make it back to Danny's before midnight. In fact, I didn't get there til 1am...Sarah had left already. We stayed up and watched some SNL and then I had to crash since I would have to get up at about 6am, which was now only 3hrs away.

I did get up and caught my flight. The trip was more or less good...no real show-stoppers. Frontier has the in-flight Direct TV, so that preoccupied my time. I was home. How time just flies. My flight was slightly delayed, though, so I couldn't make it to Roger's party. I just got home, took my bags in and crashed on the bed.

Dawn at Hangman
That was New Years in a nutshell. I'm back in one piece and ready to focus back on training, if my body will cooperate...


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