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Monday, October 09, 2006

What's That Smell?

Get your ass off of that couch!So this past week has been another good one, in terms of recovery. I've hit 24hrfitness pretty much everyday the past week. On Friday I went swimming during lunch, and to my surprise, I was able to do my regular interval workout without any pain in my leg! I was a bit slower, but not because of my leg but because of my loss of conditioning. Still, I was able to PR on one of the intervals towards the end. This increased my confidence 10-fold. Later that evening I set up my indoor trainer that I had purchased the day before. This is when I realized that my seat was too low on my road bike--I was not fully extending my leg for a full revolution. The main reason I noticed this is because on the up-stroke on my injured leg it was a bit painful. So I raised my seat, which was a workout in itself--I need to cut off that excess carbon stem! It was definitely quieter than my old magnetic trainer (this one was a fluid trainer), but it still seemed to be jerky at times. After riding for about an hour, I started to smell burning rubber and the tire seemed to loosen from the trainer! I stopped and took a look--the tire was wore down a bit and it was definitely melting onto the metal roller. Is this normal?!? Man, I'm glad I stopped because this was one of my good wheels--I'd rather wear down a set of spares than these! My ride was cut short until I could figure this one out.

Saturday, Mo and I went over to Southwest Paddlesports where Mike, CR100 director, sent us. We were looking into buying a couple of Cobra Eliminators, the same that Deb has. Sure enough, we called in and they had a couple at bargain price! That morning we took them out to Lake Woodlands to take them out for a test drive. I had forgotten to bring bungee cords, so we had to scrap our plans of having a picnic out on the other side of the lake--since it is a racing boat, storage is minimal. Another artifact of it being a racing boat, it is a little more tippier than a regular touring kayak. Even so, Mo and I took to the boats with no problems and were off and paddling in no time. Mo was having some problem steering it, but that is mostly because she has never steered before. I told her that this will solve itself in time. The boat is fast! The only problem I had was for some reason my butt was hurting and then my left leg was going numb. It was probably related to my injury, perhaps a loss of muscle in that region was now causing a pinched nerve or something. Anyway, I had to stop after a couple of hours, plus we told the guy that we would be back by 3hrs.

an adventure racer's garageI was ready to pony up the money for both boats, but Mo did not like the lime color of the boat I was paddling. So, instead we picked up a similar boat, a Riot Endurance. It was a couple hundred more, but it was pretty much the same shape-wise. We plan to take it out again next weekend to test it. If we don't like it, we'll just switch it out for the other green boat. Sunday was sort of a rest day. I say sort of because we still had a lot of work to do on the house, especially since we were hosting a Primal Quest Viewing Party. My main project was the garage. I put together a sweet storage system for the new kayaks using Rubbermaid FastTracks.

Well, I think that's it for now. I have big plans for this week too, which include getting on my bike outside of the house. Hopefully that goes well. My range of motion is all the way back--its just the soreness of the leg that's bothering me.


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