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Friday, December 22, 2006

Chief of Staph, Get Your Party On

great turnout at HART party!So its been about 2 weeks since our glorious performance at the Texas Dare, and what kind of training have I been performing since? NONE! Man, am I ready for this year to be over. I just can't seem to stay healthy! So that little piddly cold I thought I was getting the day before the Dare, it wasn't a cold. It was a staph infection! I knew it was going to be trouble when I started developing painful bumps that eventually filled with pus and were, in general, very nasty. I went to the doctor and loved it when he was taken aback as soon as I removed my bandages. He's like, "yep, that's a staph infection! we need to treat that right away!" Nice. Thankfully, I treated it early, before it got really big, because it was on my neck. My doctor didn't want to even drain it himself because of fear of giving me an accidental tracheotomy. It did drain by itself and eventually the infection cleared up thanks to some really strong antibiotics. So, basically, the week after the Dare I did absolutely nothing.

thanks Matt for the wonderful cold beverages!Good thing was that Caroline's party was up the next weekend, so that cheered me up some. It was a really good turnout and she prepared her traditional cajun creations that were very yummy! Apparently I had dropped the ball because I didn't bring lumpia like I did last year. Well, we had just eaten the last batch a few days before and I really didn't think anyone would remember them. Oh well, at least I know I need to make some for next year's party. As I had expected, Rick made it to the party, but he says not officially since he didn't cross the threshold of the house--he just stood out on the driveway. Mo was not amused as he ditched our party after he was the one who had suggested it. Last time we do that...actually, maybe not since we still have to get rid of a TON of beverages! Another unfortunate development at the party was that no one got tattoos and no one threatened to stab Ross that night. Surprisingly, Mo and I were one of the last ones at the party this time around.

sadly, Ali would not keep the dinosaur hornThis past week has been productive, training-wise. I say training-wise, because holiday-wise we have been kicking arse! Anyway, Tuesday, we had HART training and I was feeling the effects of the layoff. It was an all-on-the-bike day and we did the fruit loop about a million times. Then of course came the eventual sprint to the finish. I would have left earlier but I was thinking, engaging in a sprint after a whole week of being sedentary is a foolproof recipe for injury. I think I had enough of those for one year. But still, I decided to do a little sprint once it got started, but I turned it off as soon as we got to the turn since it was wet out and it was getting a bit crowded. Thursday was supposed to be a mock race, but the skies opened up again and drenched the trails, so Rick had to modify the course. The navigation part was removed, so I automatically shut down race mode--it would practically be like any other training day. I raced with the Warship and Jackie. We did well, being the first coed team to finish, behind the 3 solos, Tommy, Monty, and Ali, in that order. I was covered in mud because of my position in the paceline, but it didn't matter much.

all, behold the pink lantern!In between training sessions, we had our annual HART Christmas Party on Wednesday. The turnout was amazing! People were on time for once--by the time we got there, there were at least 20 people or so there! As usual we had the white elephant gift exchange and our gift got stolen twice, first a sweet pink lantern (by Ms. Vera) and then a mug with a $20 coupon at Mission Burritos (by Ms. Tara)...grrr, yes I remember. I ended up with a MS-150 bag that Eric had randomly stuffed with an assortment of goodies. It was really fun and it was good to see everyone before we all dispersed for the holidays.

step 1:rub head; step 2: Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!Today I plan to go swimming and possibly go for a quick run after work. We still have a ton to do before we head off to Spokane, so I know I won't have time for a long training session. I'm starting to get excited to head back home--there's snow in the forecast and Mo will be with me. It'll be nice to just relax and enjoy family and friends! So that's it for now--since my last blog was marathon length, I will spare you and give you a 5k this time. I should have some time to blog while up in the Northwest, but don't hold me to that! Until then, have a wonderful, safe holiday season! Merry Christmas!!


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