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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Difference a Couple of Days Make

ur gonna do what to my neck?!?A few days ago I was on a high--winning the 12hr race and feeling pretty good about our performance. I mean I was obviously pretty rusty at navving as we started off badly by following all the 24hr teams to THEIR first checkpoint, a checkpoint we didn't have to visit. Even with the ~1hr handicap, we rallied in the following bike section to be 2nd only to Run Amok. But since they were a 2-person team, we were 1st in the 4-coed division. I did have a really good nav day--I just wished I hadn't broken the #1 rule of navigation--never follow anyone.

yep, i look worse than how i feel, which is pretty badFast forward to Monday, I'm laying in the bed, delerious and in pain, just wishing to be in my own bed. From pushing the limits in a 12hr race to being bed-ridden for the next 24+ hours. Nice. It was pretty similar to my previous surgery experience: waking up disoriented and in pain. Thankfully Mo was there to reassure me and take care of my every need. She hates hospitals so it was a definite sacrifice for her. Although she wasn't able to be support crew for our race, she was super-support crew for my post-op. Thankfully, she kept my supply of flavored ice moving--that was the only thing I could fully enjoy since my throat was sore from the intubation.

So I'm slowly getting back to normal, trying to get used to my steri-strip necktie. Thanks for everyone who sent well-wishes--they definitely helped keep me cheery while in the hospital.


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