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Friday, November 26, 2004

Turkey Coma

Just got over mine and am now at Salento. Coffee good. Yesterday I decided to head over to Port Bolivar to have Thanksgiving dinner with Dale and Deb's family. I felt akward, but I figured I had nothing else to do. It was a nice drive down to Galveston because the traffic was light and then I took the ferry to Port Bolivar. That was cool because there was a family of porpoises around and even a couple were racing a tanker heading out to the gulf. The temp was brisk, but it was sunny so it made for a nice view on the ferry. Then it was off to a rental beach house...it was nice! The beach was just a few steps away. Deb's family was nice and the food was great! Deb's Dad made fried turkey--my first time! After watching the Bears get embarrased by the Cowboys, we headed down to sit by the fire. It was a nice night--the sky was clear and the moon was full. I decided that we needed to rent a place like this some other time and bring our kayaks, etc. I stayed until about 9 then I decided to make the drive back. They wanted me to stay the night, but I figured it would be better to just get back home and get an early start today. I still have to pack for the camp...and do laundry! I'm going to need all the dry clothes I can get my hands on!

I don't think I'm going to get swept up in the post-Turkey day shopping anarchy...maybe. I'm still contemplating camping tonight before the camp...but then again I'll probably sleep better at home. Yeah, driving in the morning will be better. Ooooh, I'm dreading the cold and wetness to come...


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