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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


How many of us have them? I know I have at least one. She has been consoling me by email and it has been very helpful as of late. She seems to always understand. I think Kenny just needs a hug...or a smack upside the head. Can''t sleep again.

Man, this is the first time in a long while when I've felt whipped after a practice. Its probably because all I did is run for over 3hrs today...that and I probably didn't eat/drink enough before heading to the park. I started it off with a light run and then intervals at the track: 100-200-300-400-300-200-100. That's what really kicked my butt--that was about when I was hoping practice would be light. Not. I ran back to the parking lot and Rick was there with coordinates from Aaron in the "triangle", which is on the other side of 610. So I ran there and back with them. We didn't find any of the points because part of the bank was under water from all the storms. Then Rick tells the "fast" group (somehow I'm in) to run that stupid jogging loop TWICE and do cals as well. I wouldn't have mind, probably, if we stuck to the original plan of 8min pace the whole way. No, everyone except me decided that a sub-7min pace would be better. I told them I wasn't feeling right, but they just went on. Great teammates.

Finally I told them I was only doing one lap and then heading back to the cars. I took the rest of the time biking the fruit loop. My legs were toast even then...I started cramping a little--I haven't cramped in many months! Then I got back at about the same time everyone else did and we did sprints and push ups. I felt like crap...lightheaded and with thighs of lead. I was still hurting when I got back home. I ate a huge dinner, but I'm still hungry right now...


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