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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dave Boyd: Amazing Adventure Racer, Even Better Friend

Dave Boyd, courtesy of Lori HazelwoodIt is with an extremely heavy heart that I post this blog. Dr. Dave Boyd, the captain of Team MOAT and Houston native, has passed away. His body was found early Friday morning in the Lake Como area in Colorado, after he had summited Blanca, Ellingwood, and Little Bear, all on Sept 3rd. Initial reports from the search and rescue team relayed that it had appeared that Dave fell 150-200 ft before succumbing to his injuries.

All of us in the adventure racing community are in utter disbelief. I had just visited Dave a couple of weeks ago at his house, where he helped me with the lymphatic issue in my neck. He had mentioned he was going to climb the 14'ers and then later meet up with his girlfriend and her kids. I just have no words...only denial, hoping, wishing that this has been just a very bad, cruel joke.

As I have only known him for a couple of years, I can only imagine how his family and closest of friends are dealing with this. But I feel so cheated because I was just only recently starting to get to really know him--I had just got a taste of his loving heart. He was always positive, helpful, and genuinely interested in what you had to say. For a while, I so wanted to hate him because he seemed to effortlessly win all those races. But you could not hate the man--he was just too nice.

Now, I am just so happy that I had the chance to meet Dave. He has touched so many lives. I only hope that God took care of him in those last minutes as that was the least he deserved. In truth, he deserved a lot more than this. We Love You, Dave.


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