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Sunday, October 31, 2004

The day after

Just got back from mountain biking memorial. Ran into Chris--knew he would be there bc he called me a few hours before...needless to say I wasn't ready to ride quite yet. Had a good ride--there were a good few people out there on the trails--I briefly oriented a couple of guys, one of which had his first outing today. He said, "who's damn idea was this anyway," as he huffed and puffed his way passed me after pushing his bike up the bayou dip. His bike was more of a rec bike than a xc bike--his friend is a jerk. Rode about 7 miles. Now back @ *$ to use what's left of my free WiFi...


Owww. Rumspringa hurts. Just got back from Lisa and Tina's Halloween Party and it was sweet! The bomb! Holla! I went as a pimpin' amish...there were amish girls gone wild, amish gone goth, amish gone amish...everyone was there! We were the last to shut the place down. Its gonna be hard to get up tomorrow, but we do get an hour back! Amish girls can surf! Who has Tara's wallet? Kenny's first lone star...flavor country!

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Here I am at Starbucks trying out WiFi--awesome!! Bad thing is that its only free for 24hrs, then I have to pay...so I'm staying here as long as possible...oh, wait--this isn't my laptop...can't do that. Grrrr. I gotta find a Schlotzsktys where its free all the time! I wasted the whole morning and part of the afternoon just waiting around...the consequence? I shaved my chest! Actually, there is a reason for my madness--costume party tonight and I needed my chest shaved since I'm going to be showing it off...Amish Pimp Daddy. Yep, random, but unique, I hope...smoooooth.


Just realized how enormous my site is...this will take a while to update everything! I may have to remove some stuff, mostly photos, to make this manageable.

K-SPoT is back online

Here it is. After a long hiatus, K-SPoT's Web is back! Some, er, most of the links may not work, especially the photos, but bear with me--I'll be continually updating them as I go on. I want to focus most of my effort on current stuff like "Racing", so this should change more rapidly. Keep checking--who knows, you may be part of K-SPoT's web!


Hey there! This is my first attempt at a blog...not sure how this all works, but I'm giving it a try. The continued existence of this page depends on how easy it is to maintain. If its too much of a pain, it may go bye-bye! Anyway, hope you visit soon and often!