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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sleepy in Houston

more fireworks here than in my training regimenSo the process of recovery seems to still be ongoing. When I first got back from PQ, I was sleeping a lot...I mean all the time. Its getting better, but there are still times when I just need to stop and take a quick 15min nap...I guess I'm still in expedition mode! LOL. Anyway, I'm also starting to get back into regular workouts, irregularly. The first full week that I was back, I simply made an appearance at HART practice the Thursday before the Houston Urban--the traditional ride downtown to scope out the streets for the race. It was so good to see everyone again...it had been almost a month since I had seen some of these people! We hung out at BW-3's and waited for them to finish up their bike ride.

I had planned to go and watch the team race on Saturday, but I remembered telling a couple guys at Stress that I would show up for the weekly Saturday morning basketball game. So I did. I was horrible, but I felt like I could play for days despite the oppressive heat. It was now getting unbearable to play at 8am in the morning! WTF?! We definitely need to find an indoor court.

The next week was pretty much the same--me sitting my lazy ass at home. But I did get a 20 mile bike ride in on Wednesday. Felt pretty good and it was nice to be on my road bike--felt so nimble and quick compared to the MTB. I finally made it back to training the following week, hitting both Tuesday and Thursday practices. Again, it was nice to hang out with the crew again. I took it easy and didn't try to bust it out during my first days back.

HART does it with skeleton crewI went out again on Sunday for a morning ride. I always love these outings--not that many cars on the roads and just seems so relaxing. I stopped by Starbucks along the way to say "hi" to Mo and then rode down to the Fruit Loop and around the neighborhood for about 30 miles. Later in the day, I was actually feeling a bit angsty for once and decided to take Rock out for a run. 2 miles. This would be our longest run together, but also I didn't want to go much further as it was close to 100 degrees out. I could tell he was ready to be done at around 2 miles--every time I stopped in the shade for him, he just plopped down on the grass. I gave him several laps of HEED from my bottle and then we were off, with little resistance from him. He is going to be great exercise partner, I can already tell.

Yes, I know, pretty boring stuff. As you can see, I'm on sabbatical, but if anyone out there needs someone to fill in I probably will say yes. If anything else comes in interesting on the PQ front, I'll post it for y'all. Until then, happy racing!

P.S. HART captured the Texas Cup Title once again! Great job, team!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kenny Makes it on the Wall Street Journal!

...or at least his picture does...:)

Wall Street Journal: Primal Quest Montana

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HART/Marmot Reports Spotty at PQ

the most action for our riverboardsWe didn't get much coverage at the race, but we did get a few mentions on the PQ website. Yes, I already did the searching for you (what else did you think I did the last couple of weeks after getting back from Montana?!):

Mind Quest Ultra Marathon, Day 1

Overnight at TA8

Finish Line

I'm still trying to get our official PQ team photo...not sure when that will be distributed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Mortal Musings

where to now?So, we're all back from Montana and things just seem a bit boring now. The one thing that has been keeping me busy is the aftermath of the lightning strike that hit the house the day before I left for PQ. Great timing huh? I basically had no time to fix anything, so I was freaking out. Here's the current tally of the things taken out by the lightning:

- HVAC (control boards and thermostats)
- Security system (control board and wiring)
- Printer
- Internet (cable modem and wireless router)

TOAST!Thankfully, Aaron and his cousin Mike did us a HUGE solid and went over and fixed the HVAC while we were gone...so our kitty's didn't fry in the 90+ deg heat! I have a pic of the Brinks control panel, but I couldn't get my iPhone to focus correctly. Anyway, you can kind of see where one of the chips (or whatever--I'm not an electrical!) melted through.

Nothing much else going on--planning to hit the Houston Urban sprint this weekend and cheer everyone on and then head over to Boyd's to pick up all my gear that they lugged back. I thought I would be burnt out after this race, but oddly enough I've been surfing around (once our internet was back up), searching for what was next. Scary, huh?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Primal Quest Montana Suunto T6 Log

*Smartbelt used due to race length