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Monday, May 29, 2006

Guns a Blazin at X-Bar Shootout

X-Bar Ranch
So this was it, the last race of the spring season. I kinda wanted to keep my string of improving placings going, similar to my beginner season two years ago. Plus, I figured this may be a good chance for me to pick up a top 5 placing, getting me half way to upgrading to Expert. Mo, Jaunda, and I left for Eldorado Friday afternoon. We got to our lovely bunkhouse late at night and were greeted at the door by a swarm of assorted bugs, which of course Mo loved. When we got in, Mo had to be assured that all bugs were killed before she went to sleep. Nice.

da bunkhausThe next morning we got up early to preride the course before it got too hot--it was forecasted to get into the mid 90s this weekend. So Jaunda and I geared up while Mo just chilled in the bunkhouse. We set out together, but would split up later on as my course would be a bit longer than hers: 9 for her, 16 for me. The first part was hella rocky and I was quite distressed about that. It really didnt let off until the turnoff for the longer course. Once there, it was mostly jeep trail, straight as could be. So straight I almost missed a turnoff, dazing off into the horizon. When the trailed rejoined the beginner course, it got rocky again. I stopped several times looking for the right line. It would be a lot tougher the next day since I would most likely be a lot more tired trying to circumnavigate the rock gardens.

Shortly after the preride, Jaunda asked me if I still wanted to do the marathon course...I promptly said, "hell no!" I'm so glad that I decided to cater to Jaunda and just do the short course. Later that day we DROVE over to the food stand for lunch and had some burgers. OK, yes we could have walked there, but it was hot and we had just took a shower and I really didn't feel like walking at that time. Anyway, we just vegged for most of the day...I know Mo wanted to go to the caverns, but Jaunda and I really didn't have that on our priority list...we figured if Mo really wanted to go, she would have smacked us across our heads. Dinner was in Sonora...a nice quaint town where EVERYONE waved at us! It was sweet--I forgot that as you got deep into Texas backcountry, the townsfolk tend to be really friendly. It was hilarious! We went to a steakhouse, but had pasta of course. It was alright, but not jaw-dropping. We finished the day off with dessert at DQ and then headed back to the bunkhouse to get some rest before the torturefest to come the next day.

mash happyWe got up at about 6am and readied up. Jaunda wasn't feeling well, but mustered up the strength to mount up and ride. I warmed up on the road and along the way saw MOAT in their trailer. Nice. I was gonna get smoked, but at least I was getting smoked by people I really admired. Justin Burger was there as well. To boot, they consolidated the age and skill groups so I was now riding with the Experts and the age group was now 30-39. Fabulous. It was a large group. I started off near Carlos and Shaun, but that was the last time I would see their faces...I was calm at the start as I knew there were marathoners in the group and experts, so I just let everyone do their thing and just slipped into the pack. Trouble was that the jeep road we started on was very dry and dust just blanketed all of us...now it wasn't so smart not being in the front. Then the speed started to pick up for some reason and I just held on for dear life...I couldn't believe even the marathoners were leaving in the dust, so to speak. Then the technical junk came and I just lost composure. My heartrate shot up, trying to get up the ledges and sharp jagged rocks.

we're offOn one of the initial climbs, I lost my chain and that was pretty much it for the ride. I was getting passed by pretty much everyone and I just tried to stay out of there way, hoping that I would get a second wind, soon! Shaun was long gone and Carlos passed me as I was continually having trouble with the rocks. I was out of shape. The turnoff didn't come soon enough, but I was so happy when it did. Carlos was still a few seconds ahead of me, but this is where he would leave me for good. I mashed as hard as I could, passing a few people, but Carlos just kept pulling away. I caught up with a bunch of riders on the jeep roads, but the damage was already done. We rejoined the beginner trail, which meant more technical work. Arrgh. I was getting very frustrated. Then Boyd came by and asked kindly how I was doing. I told him my plight and he nicely said, "at least we're having a nice day" to which I had to agree with. I let him pass and tried to figure out how a guy could be so good yet so nice on the trail like that.

Now I just didnt want to crash and stay in front of a couple Pedalmashers that I usually beat. Then fortune came my way as I passed two Ozone riders who seemed to be having mechanicals. That was some consolation for an otherwise super crappy ride. Finally came the finish and I tried to finish strong at least. It was over. There would be no top 5 for me. I later found out that I actually got 8th despite sucking royally...which meant I probably would have had top 5 if I was on top of my game. Oh well. Season is over, which means I can relax for a short while. Jaunda did well, finishing 4th and getting 8th overall for the spring season. She had a crappy ride too, so we commizerated. Sweet sweet misery.

sweet shotThis past week has been good workout-wise. A couple tough HART practices and this weekend I got a good long hard bike in at Terry Hershey and a good trail run in the backtrails at Memorial. The result: my Suunto Training manager upgraded me to "national" level! Hilarious. I really want to find out how it calcs skill levels...must be distance and hours logged in a week. We'll see. Alright folks, this should be the last blog before our GC trip. Expect a long blog for that one! See ya in a week or so!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Big Hole in the Ground: Here We Come!

crossing the colorado
Oh man, our trip to Grand Canyon is coming up in a couple of days which means among other things that this blog will be on hiatus for at least 4 days! Well, I will have my cell phone so I might itermittently have access to this blog, but not sure. So one thing I need to do is get my X-bar blog up soon...most probably tomorrow morning at the new Starbucks! Yeehaw! Alright, for now, I will leave you with a pic from my last trip to the GC...we went from North Rim to South Rim on that one, but will be going the opposite way this time around. Until next time...happy hiking!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

X Bar Shootout 06 Suunto T6 Log

*Notes: Distance estimated (bike pod not used)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Holy Hotrods!

phat pirelli philliesOkay, this blog is a pure tribute to a pure man: Elwood. I thought about going to the American Le Mans Race this weekend, but my new hero, Elwood, actually went and seemed to make the best of it! The inset photo says it all! I gave the photo a standing ovation at my computer for about 5mins. Nicely done. Apparently this is what you do when you're not adventure race training. Nicely done.

pushing the limits of Audi cargoI, on the other hand, did some training over by Terry Hershey Park, riding the trails for the very first time. It was a good experience, but I had not bugeted my time wisely and had to leave early to pick up Mo at the Art Car Parade, also going on this weekend. Then on Sunday I kayaked a bit at Lake Woodlands--it was a great morning to be on the water...apparently everyone is a coach, however. Minding my own business, someone comes over to offer advice, unsolicited. Okay, so I'm not the best paddler, not even close, but can't I just enjoy a paddle without being harrased? It wasn't like I was drowning or anything. Anyway, I was just rubbed the wrong way by that.

That's all I have for now. I'm still in shock from Elwood's photo. Nicely done (clapping). BTW, Dindo and Allan won in the Audi R8...AGAIN!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cars, Stars, and Cereal Bars

speedstersWell this week was very interesting training-wise. Tuesday Rick decides to make us do a run-bike time trial in 90deg weather, with high humidity. I was very happy about this...really. From the bat I wasn't feeling well--it must have been that cereal bar I had just eaten a few minutes before, but I felt nauseous and wanted to puke. I dialed back my pace and watched Stan and Frank take off while Tommy, Bobby, and Raymund caught up to me. Towards the end of the 2.5 mi run, I started to feel a little better, but not that much. I got on my bike and had to take it slow at first. I slowly ramped up the speed. I really didn't think I would catch up to them. As I came up the final stretch down the purple trail, I started mashing and that's when I saw Frank. He saw me and started to race me home. Nice. I just wanted to finish strong, but this gave me extra fuel. I was able to pass him, but Stan was no where in sight. This is where I was thinking, the bike should be at least twice as long to be similar in intensity with the run, as is done in duathlons/triathlons. Oh well. Lets just chalk that one up as not a good day. Afterwards we went for an easy run and bike to cool down, but on the bike I popped a spoke. Thanks Nick for the defective parts! I just cut the route short and came back and called it a day. Not a good day at all.

Wednesday I decided to take it off since I was still hurting from the day before. Instead, Mo and I went to the Audi "Stars and Cars" reception. The Audi Le Mans Series was coming to Houston this weekend, so Audi hosted an event to showcase their racing car, the R8, which is actually on its way out and is being replaced by the R10. The drivers were there, Dindo Capello and Allan McNish. They were smaller than I had imagined, which must be because of weight savings in the car. It was a sweet reception and they were showcasing they're new SUV, the Q7. Man, that will most likely be my next car. So nice.

invite only
Thursday, HART practice was more sane. We rode our bikes to the pullup bars and did sets of pullups, sprints, lunges, etc. Then he let us go ride our bikes for about 30mins. That was it. Done. This weekend should be easy...Tonight, might go for a short bike ride to keep loose. Wow, a non-race weekend. Yeehaw!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mashin' with the Best at Double Lake

Lake Lake
Lake Lake was on tap this past weekend. This race promised to have a big turnout since it was very beginner-friendly, fast, and close to Houston. On Friday we had 12 people at HART planning to race and 9 of those actually showed. With them, MOAT (Patti, Shaun, Dave) was there along with Houston Fit and other people I recognized from past bike races. It looked like it was going to be a mudfest according to the weather forecasts, but when I drove up to DL on Saturday after the morning rains, it was not the case! The rain actually packed down the sandy spots and there were only two mud puddles. It was going to be great for racing!

HART ridersWe headed out Sunday morning on time and hit DL at about 8am, on schedule. Mo got all my feed stuff together and headed up to the start/finish line while I rode around to warm up. I had a really good warmup this time, riding the park road all the way around the lake and then revving up my HR on the way back. I noticed that my HR tends to stay under control after the first time I get close to max, so I figured I would get that out of the way, before the race. It was a who's who at the race. My class alone was full of top guns: Warship, Shaun, Justin Cremer (Houston Fit bike coach), Chad (Houston Fit paddle coach)...the list goes on. It was time for the Sport classes to line up and that's when all the posturing started. Frank and Raymund were in the classes behind us, so we talked to them for a little while. We momentarily saw Messer, then he had to get up to the start as they were about to get going.

its onSS's and S1's were off, so we slowly rolled to the front. I was a lot more relaxed than I usually am at mountain bike races...not sure why. As the time ticked down to 15secs, I calmly started my watch and sat and waited for the whistle. Prrrreeeet! We were off! I worked my way to the top-middle, where I felt most comfortable. I could feel the Warship just behind me. We quickly split into two front groups--we were in the second. I sat behind this Ozone rider and we were all egging him to keep in contact with the other group. He picked it up some and we eventually caught up with the lead group. Then the first sharp turn of the course came and carnage. Justin Cremer took an over-bar tumble and we skirted past him. We were in okay shape, but we started to fade a bit. My heart rate was pegging, so I didn't try to bridge, but a few did, including Shaun Bain. I was hoping that I would have enough strength at the end to catch them, but this would be a gamble. For most of the first lap, I sat behind the Ozone rider. Then we caught up with another Ozone rider--the one I was marking was now acting like he was supporting this other rider. He was now "hostile" in my mind. I didn't have the strength at that point to pass, but I knew I had to pretty soon, just in case he really was doing some blocking maneuvers.

gettin my shred onI didn't realize it until a bit later, but Justin had caught back up to us. The leading Ozone leader wasn't pulling away that much, so I just sat there and waited for the right time to pass. We came up the powerline easement where the feedzone was. I really didnt need a bottle then, but I figured I would take it anyway. I saw Mo and headed towards her. The only problem was the Ozone riders were zooming up the trail and didnt look to take up a bottle, so I had to keep my speed up to stay with them. As a result, when I came whizzing by to take the bottle, I fumbled it--it dropped. Mo was audibly disappointed, but it wasn't bad--I still had one full bottle and my pack wasn't dry yet. Back to the pavement and the Ozone rider starts fading, so I pass him and bridge up to the leading Ozone rider, but am not quite able to get on his wheel. Justin comes by me and asks if he's in our class and I nod, "yes." He takes up the chase and I am able to muster some strength to pull in behind him.

Me and Mighy Mo!The Ozone rider actually is slowing down, so I have time to catch my breath. For half of the 2nd lap, we stay behind him, but Justin finally decides to make his move. He passes Ozone and I don't respond right away. I sit for a little longer then make my move on a straightaway. I slowly make it back up to Justin, quietly. Along the way, the leader for the S3 group comes up on us, so we let him go easily. Then the 2nd place S3 comes up on us and he knows Justin. They start chatting with me in between. Then, for some crazy reason, Justin cranks it up and tries to leave both of us in the dust just as I was about to let the S3 by. Sneaky. So, I speed up too just to keep up. Then the guy behind me yells out, "c'mon, Justin!" Apparently he didn't appreciate that acceleration either. He finally says he wants to pass and I tell him whenever he wants. He gives me the signal, so I pull to the side to give him a clear shot. But my butt seems to be too wide for him to pass and it felt like his handlebar poked my left cheek. I hear, "shit!" and look back--he's offroading in the brush. I didn't feel bad because I did move over. We get to the fast section of the trail and Justin's friend catches back up. He doesn't try to pass. Back up the powerline easement. This time I NEEDED that water bottle.

We're happyThrough the feedzone and I was eyeing that bottle in Mo's hand with serious intent. This time I went through a little slower, allowing Justin to gap me a little, and looked the bottle into my hand. Connect! Mo claps and lets out a yell of excitement. Too funny. Were on the pavement for the last time and it looks like Justin intends to leave me in the dust now. He accelerates and I do my best to catch him...thankfully I do. He looks back and sees me and says something to the effect that he didn't expect me to be back there. Right before we dive back into the single track, he yields to me. I don't know if he's playing tactics or is actually gassed, but I take the lead either way. He is gassed. I quickly increase the gap and his friend actually passes him and gets on my wheel. He is obviously fresher than I am, so again I tell him, "whenever you want." He picks his spot and tells me he wants to go and I move over. This time, it is clean. He gets past me and I try to keep his wheel. He is still strong and is pumping up the slight inclines. I cannot stay with him or risk blowing up, so I finally let him go. I actually can still see him as we dart into the final, fast stretch, but he slowly gets away.

we got blingAt about this time, the 3rd place S3, James Ellis, comes up on me. I tell him, "whenever you want" and he says its okay, "I'm not racing anymore." I told him that he was definitely 3rd. Then, perhaps because I was going too slow for him, he later tells me he wants to pass. I have no objections and let him go. This is where my nice, smooth race gets tarnished. For some reason I lose concentration and My left foot gets caught on something on the fast section and I crash and burn, hard. I couldn't believe it! I was almost done too! My handlebar had dug into my leg, making it a bit tight. Guh, all I want to do is finish! I slowly get back on Eve, hoping nothing is broken. I look back, but still no one. I get going again and kept my eye on the trail for the rest of the race. I make it to the finish line with no more incidents and no one around me at all. I come through and a ton of people are cheering, including the Willis' from Houston Fit. That was cool of them.

do they know who i am?!?So I finished a couple minutes behind Shaun and the Warship finished back a bit--he had a flat. I end up getting 8th. Jaunda had another puke-n-ride episode, but was still able to get 4th. We stayed a bit to watch the beginners start, but we had to head back to town to run some errands. It was a great day for a race and it was much better because of all who showed up! Good times. One more MTB race and that's it...another chapter closed. El Dorado, are you ready?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Big Ring Challenge 06 Suunto T6 Log

*Notes: Barometric pressure steadily increased during race (accounting for lower finish elevation); Distance estimated (bike pod not used)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Your Tiger Style is No Match for My Drunken Frog Style

its all about the presentation
So, its another tweener. After racing last weekend, I have to quickly transition into another race this weekend. Its not bad since this time I'll be on my bike. Yes, the Big (Pimp) Ring Challenge, as dubbed by Ross. We have a good contingent of HART riders for this one (11 so far), as expected, since it is in our backyard: Double Lake. It will prove to be a very fast course!

sensei and studentsGiven this, as common training knowledge dictates, I should do a recovery workout this week and then back to tapering down for the race. I went to HART practice on Tuesday and it was another good one. I forgot that it was the first week of the month, which usually means PFT. Thankfully, it was not to be that day! Instead we started out by riding to the pullup bars and doing 2 sets of pullups, running little loops in between to keep aerobic. Then we went for a ~1mi run down and back the new trail on the west side of the park loop. Headed back to HQ and went for a 45min trail ride in groups. Our group was Warship, Sly, Crash, and I. We did the green trail...as always, I was working hard to keep up with the Warship--this trail was his specialty (my HR monitor said the same). We came back and we still had a brick to do: run 1, bike 1, run 1 loop around the purple trail. My knee was a bit sore from last weekend's race, so I just did the first run and the bike. It was a good workout--2hrs worth!

mighty mo makes makizushi
The rest of the week was pretty lax. To hone our other skills and reaquaint ourselves with Shaley and Nickoli, Mo and I went to a Sushi 101 class Wednesday night. It was great--Nemotosensei from Rickshaw ran the class and we learned how to roll some tight sushi! I already know the tea ceremony, so all I need now is Tae Kwon Do, or maybe Kabuki...ok, that'll have to wait. Last night I wanted to get some trail riding in, but right as I was putting on my jersey, the skies opened up and dumped several inches of spring rain. Crap. Now that I look at the forecast, it looks to rain for most of the rest of the week into the weekend--DL will be a muddy mess. Oh well. In replacement, I plan to run and do pullup circuits tonight and then head to DL tomorrow morn to get a preride in to see how bad the trails are...hopefully not too nasty.

That's it. Cinco de Mayo. Now, where did I put my bandolier?...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Navigational Floetry is Poetry in Motion at Huntsville

yummy heed
Okay, so many people laughed at my team name. "What the heck is Navigational Floetry?!" It was meant to illicit visions of navigation done so well that it "flowed" like "poetry". With our good performance this past weekend, I thought the name fit well...yes, it still sounds dumb, but you get the point.

I was very nervous about this race because it seemed that right after Bike Drost sent out that challenge email on the Yahoo group, everyone started to sign up! There ended up being 27 teams and 16 of them were in the expert-coed division, our division. Among them were MOAT, Run Amok, a gaggle from Houston Fit AR, and several of our own prestigous navigators from HART. So, as Tara kept telling me, I had to bring my "A game". No pressure at all.

prerace meetingThat morning, Mo and I get to the turnoff for Huntsville State Park and I get a call from Tara. I'm assuming she's wondering where we are, so I tell her we're right there. But then, through the static I hear something about someone being sick. So I'm thinking, there's a bug going around and a bunch of teams aren't showing because they're sick. "Yippee!" I'm thinking. I hang up because its hard to hear Tara. I get there and find out that Tommy was telling her that I was "sick" and wasn't coming to the race. Nice. The trash talking had already begun. No matter. I just focused on getting set up for the race. Mo put all my gear together for me then started taking over the job of race photographer. Tara was determined to go bare bones for this race, so she was snickering at me with my backpack and mapcase, etc. She just wanted to be light and fast, so I understood that. But I needed hydration, so there was no way around the backpack. I did end up dumping the mapcase and just kept the map in the ziploc it came in. I also had the chance to try out for the first time my orienteering gaitors. Bright red, everyone homed in on them right away. Hey, they looked "different" but they performed wonderfully during the race!

how's the hair?So we started with a short run around the paved road while Tara waited with the map under her foot. At 830 we started, but I knew this race would be long, so I didn't blow it out on this run. There was one guy from a 2-male team who decided to bust out of there like he stole something--I just let him go. We got around, picked up our packet, and rushed to plot our points. Tara plotted while I read the coordinates--this worked out perfectly as Tara plotted like a pro! We were the first expert team out of there!

We decided to do a counter-clockwise approach around the lake, dumping cps 13 and 14--there were 17 cps out there but we only had to find 15 of them. First was cp 1. Wow, as usual, I started out slow. I saw a trail on the map and the cp looked to be right on the trail, so I tried to just follow it. After about 5mins of futile searching, we decide to reset and get back to a known point and do a bearing. We get back to the powerline easment and get to a bend. I start to get a bearing when Tara says, "its right there", hanging off of a pole. Unbelievable. Not good. Tara was right, I was a bit flustered and I just needed to relax. I took a second, stopped, and focused. We ran down a dirt road to the fenceline trail, over a couple bridges that crossed the swampy area at the northwest corner of the lake, heading for cp 3. We take a right before hitting the fence line, up the hill. Its tough to find because the brush is thick, but Tara finds it. She is on today, finding almost all of the points. One of the Houston Fit teams is right on our heels, so we try to get out of there asap. cp 3 is right off of a creek. I aim offcenter and backtrack and there it is. They're not too far behind, so we move to the next cp right away.

Across the swamp to the other side of the lake, we head uphill to cp 4, which should be at the bend of the fence line. Got it. Tara was in charge of checking out the goodies and taking whatever she thought was worthwhile--we found a free entry to the Colorado 100. She could have it! Next is a long bushwhack down to a draw for cp 17. There was a bit of confusion here because we had marked it as 16 on the map, but we figured out we had marked 16 twice. For the next 2 cps, we would coasteer. At cp 5, it was a bit swampy, so we had to go around a bit, but as soon as I stepped to the other side of the creek, there it was in front of my face. Nice. cp 16 was easy, right at a point next to a creek.

We followed the creek NW where cp 6 was supposed to be at a bridge. We trudge along and Tara notices a bridge to our west. It seemed too early for it to be the right bridge, but to be safe, Tara explores it. Good thing she did, because that's where the point was. That one boggled me for a bit. The biggest score was made at this one as there was a big rubber spider hanging by the cp--needless to say, Tara took "Spidey." He was now a symbol of our good luck and we tucked him into my backpack for the rest of the ride. Down the bike trail we went to the spillway where cp7 was. Got there no prob and the cp was at the bottom of the spillway. Since we were down there already, we decided to just cross there. We got a bit wet, but it worked.

Down a dirt road to cp 8 which was supposed to be on a hilltop. Okay, so the topo showed a fairly flat hilltop, so it would be hard to spot the absolute top. So we did a pacecount from a trail intersection then headed into the brush. Tara found it again. We were off again on the mtb trail. cp 9 was at a creek, but I wasn't sure which side of the trail it would be, so Tara and I went 100m in each direction. Before that point, the last time we saw anyone was at cp 3. As we approached the cp, we saw Dave Boyd and Patti Plagmann of MOAT. Interested to figure out where we were in relation to them, I waited a bit to see which way they were going. They went the opposite way, so I figured we were ahead of them. Cool. We busted down the trail to a swampy area where cp 10 was supposed to be. This was my least enjoyable cp. The clue said marsh, so I followed this little tidbit and went swamp diving...literally. I tried crossing a fallen tree and momentarily lost my balance and fell into the marsh. Knowing that there were alligators in the park, I didn't stay in there for very long--as I crawled out feverishly, a frog jumped off of my mud-covered shoe. I was pissed. Looking at the map one more time, the cp was plotted more towards an upslope, so we changed our search pattern and Tara found it no problem.

poison ivy?! heck, bull nettle!Back on the dirt road, we ran to a trail intersection for cp 11. Got it. Next was cp 12 next to a pond. We started seeing a bunch of teams now, obviously heading the opposite way we were. cp 12 was right there, so now we just had one more: cp 15. We backtracked to the trail intersection and took that to the bike trail. We followed it a bit then headed off of it to the hilltop cp 15 was plotted on. This one took a while to get to as the hill slowly sloped upwards. On my way to find the very top of the hill, I hit a patch of bull nettle--that stuff stings like heck!! As I let out a yelp, Tara calls out wondering if I'm still alive. It was at the perfect height, hitting the unprotected section between my shorts and my gaitors. Man, that burned. Anyway, back to business. After a few more minutes of searching, I spot the cp after crossing a horse trail. Noting that Drost said the bridge was still out on that side of the park, I decided not to take that route and just followed the horse trail to the bike trail and took that all the way back to the main road.

yeehaw!As we ran down the main road, I was ever-vigilant, looking over my shoulder and in all other directions, making sure no one snuck up on us. At that point it, I was wondering if we had this one. I asked Tara, "2:30 is good, right?" We both thought it was, but I still wanted to keep the pace up just in case. That run seemed to take forever. Finally, we spot the timing tent and head right for it. Mo, Deb, Drost, and Art are there, but no real excitement from them. Now I was wondering if someone had beat us there. We stop at the tent and they proceed to ask us what we needed....they thought we were coming in for a short transition! Now I knew we had won. It was a great feeling! They had not expected us to finish that fast--I think they said we beat their expected winning time by 1hr! As we sat there waiting for the next team to come, we started to wonder if we did something wrong...finally, the 2male team came in over 30mins after us. Then other teams started to flow in relatively consistently from there.

great weatherAlthough I really liked the format they used for their first NavChallenge race at Pace Bend, this was a good, straightforward nav race nicely run by Art and Drost. I'm definitely looking forward to their next race! Maybe at Memorial? :)...or how about a bike-only orienteering (bike o) race?!?

Monday, May 01, 2006

NavChallenge Huntsville 06 Suunto T6 Log

*Notes: Altitude not calibrated (about 80ft lower than actual); Distance estimated (foot pod not used)