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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


So is it better to be a senior engineer or an associate? Associate sounds better, I think. I wish it was as easy as that...I have to make my decision soon. I wish it was a clear cut decision, but where one company is stronger than the other, the other company has another aspect where it is stronger. Neither seems to be very consistent. There is one other thing--cubicle vs. office.

Went on a very short run last night--only 20 min at easy pace. Probably the right thing to do anyway...I need some easy recovery days in there too...contrary to me gaining weight despite all the work I did in the past week! Hopefully that's muscle mass. Ha! I started a weight program that Ian Adamson recommends, so hopefully that will help my core strength and I can be a little more than a weenie when it comes to pullup time.

I think the *$ girl is flirting with me...she gave me a smile and called me by my name and jumped to say my usual drink. Funny. Tim is on me to do a 1/2 ironman again...what part of "my swimming sucks" does he not understand? I would imagine that I need to do a sprint triathlon first to see how I do in the water. I really do want to do the ironman, but not sure how realistic it is to shoot for next year. I would need to dedicate most of my training to swimming and no one really has the routine here to keep me honest. We'll see. That would be a HUGE accomplishment.


Blogger Woods said...

You can do it...

You already can do the other two parts - you have 6-8 months to survive the swim. That's plenty of time. And if you're slow, just plan on making it up on the bike and run.

5:54 PM

Blogger K-SPoT said...

I know...normally it shouldn't be hard, but it just seems to be a lot more hassle to find the right pool to practice at...similar to kayaking. Also, I don't know anyone at my skill level that swims regularly...wah, wah, wah....

10:20 AM


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