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Saturday, November 13, 2004


So I decided to do a road ride this morning. Did I say that I haven't done one of these in a long time? Also, I tried out thinner tires--20s vs. 23s. Big mistake. This route was hella bumpy and I remembered that Renee told me this only after I already started the route. Cynthia and Jaunda were there too, but I did the 64 while they did the 44. I stayed with the lead pack for most of the way until Sun and Ski dude decided to blow up the pack. It was then just me and two other guys...and then I got a pinch flat. I told them to go on. 20s are tight, or it might be because its wire bead not kevlar. It took me forever to change and I spent two co2 cartridges (my co2 valve is faulty and leaks). I was able to hook up with another group and limp back to the finish in 3hrs. OK considering my flat. But my back and behind let me know that they weren't happy about jumping back to this distance without much notice, especially with the rough roads and windy conditions. I brought my heart rate monitor--I wasn't taxed bpm-wise, it was just my back--I couldn't put much power in my stroke because of the pain. It eventually went away and I was able to pull the last few miles. Rewarded myself with funnel cake...mmmm, funnel cake!

Watched the incredibles in the afternoon. Sweet flick! Its amazing how good animation is these days--sometimes it looks so real! I loved Sam L's character, Frozone, despite his small part in the movie. I figured his voice must cost a lot per hour, at least that's how I'm rationalizing it. Was watching SNL, but not very funny...the crew is all different now and I think its back to being mediocre. Too bad. Well, should sleep since I have nothing else to do.


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