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Monday, November 15, 2004

Everytime they run away, we take a shot

So I'm just realizing that I eat food for comfort during stressful times...I'm not one of those people who lose their appetite. Ever since things have been going down during the past two months I've been going for more fat-laden foods. Even my servings have been getting bigger. It came home to me this morning when I actually rode 64 miles this weekend and skated for 30mins (6mi) I still gained 2 pounds! I gotta cut back, especially during this critical time. Don't want to balloon during the winter and have to start at square one again.

So, yeah, I skated yesterday. It was cold and my back was fine until the last lap--I could barely keep speed. Its probably because it was already hurting from the bike ride on Sat. I've been conversing with the keeper of the website, Picquest, where I got my picture from the last mtb race. He seems like a really nice guy--he asked me all about my race and what I was going to race in the future. It felt good to have someone care about what you did. He probably was just trying for small talk while he really wanted to know what I thought about his site, but still it felt good.

Looks like rain today.


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